- Jul 2015

Women Wednesday: Leona Chin

We’re going to keep this weeks Women Wednesday segment short and sweet. The short of it is that Leona Chin is featured. Who is Leona Chin? To put it simply, she’s a lady who likes to travel sideways for a living, yes she’s a professional driver who specialises in drifting. Besides drifting, she’s participated in other types of race car driving such as rally, autocross and gymkhana. On her biography she says she got into the sport of drifting through chance, by someone who offered to teach her the sport in exchange for her website building skills. You read correctly, someone basically said to her, “if you build me a website, I will teach you how to drift”. Did her teacher do a good job? Well here’s the sweet part, you can decide, because below is a video of her pranking a driving instructor who thinks she’s new to driving, until…

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