- Aug 2015

Women Wednesday: Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick-Not just a pretty face…

The name Danica Patrick is very well known amongst car racing enthusiasts for two reasons. Firstly because she’s a brilliant driver and secondly because she is particularly good looking. The order of the reasons why she is well known in the car community is dependant on the person. Men for some odd reason find it attractive if a women is very good at driving fast, probably the same way that women find it attractive if a man can cook well. There is something we humans find attractive about a person of a particular sex excelling in something the opposite sex is dominant in, it’s all very weird but true.

So Danica Patrick, what do we know about her? For starters she is the most successful women in the history of the Indy Car series (America’s version of Formula One). She is the only women to have won a race in the series at the Indy Japan in 2008. She also races and has done very well in Nascar, another American favourite which seems like a bunch of cars turning left at high speeds but requires much more skill and strategy than expected. In Nascar she has achieved the status of being the first women to win the Nascar Sprint Series Pole by turning in the fastest qualifying lap since 1990 at that time.

Where did all this begin? As usual with Kart racing at the age of ten years. From racing karts, she competed in the UK racing Formula Ford where she competed with other soon to be famous race car drivers such as Jenson Button. Note to any parents who want their child to be a successful race car driver, start them out young. All successful race car drivers started at a young age racing Go-Karts and moved on to bigger things from there. Okay back to Danica, there have been rumblings over the years of her possibly racing in Formula One which would be very exciting. The rumours have been just rumours for now but we would be very pleased to see a female driver join such a championship. For now, only time will tell but even as is, Danica Patrick has gone beyond proving herself as far as racing is concerned. So next time you hear about Danica Patrick, remember that she’s not just a pretty face, she’s a pretty good driver too. Happy Women Wednesday Motorists.

*image courtesy of www.nascar.com