- Jul 2015

Will the Audi RS3 rule Greece?

Modded Monday: The Audi RS3 is coming to South Africa

In ancient Greece, different nations lived close to one another. For instance, the Athenians and the Spartans. These two cities spoke the same language and had some similarities but they also had their differences. The Athenians were a creative group of people who valued education, arts and sciences. The Spartans were a simple people who were focused on war and trained to be warriors from an early age. Does the saying “This is Sparta!?” ring a bell. Yes, these are guys we’re talking about. Besides them, there were other cities like Corinth and Thebes. All these cities wanted one thing, to rule Greece entirely, so there were many wars that happened because of this. Other wars happened in that time regarding other matters too, but the objective was the same, absolute power. That is why today we have movies like 300, Troy and Clash of the Titans.

Well history repeats itself, in one way or another. Even in the motoring world, the war for absolute power is the same theme. In the days of Greek warfare, many legends gained prominence as a result of their success in war. People like Alexander The Great, Achilles and Perseus have been written about and their stories have been told many times over. In the motoring world, legends like the Opel 200 TS, the BMW 325is and the original MK1 Volkswagen Golf GTI are legends who have also had their stories told to generation after generation. The war is not over, the fight is still strong and more legends are to come. Recently we have seen heroes like the BMW 1M, the Audi RS3 and very recently the Mercedes A45 step up to claim figurative Greece and be the ruler of the hyper hatches.

Step into 2015 C.E and a new generation of warriors are being bred and one of them is about to reveal himself. This new warrior shares very similar characteristics with the one before it, but promises to be better. More power, better handling and new shiny armour is what its creator has told us. A 2,5litre 5 cylinder engine producing 270kW and 465Nm of torque are the figures and a 0-100Kph time of 4,3 seconds is claimed. This new warrior is called the Audi RS3 and it’s hitting our shores very soon. What is it up against? Mercedes’ facelifted A45 hatchback and BMW’s  M2 coupé. Let’s not forget about the Ford Focus RS and the Honda Civic Type R.

The RS3 sticks to the same design cues of its predecessor, simple and understated. A few clues here and there show you that it is ready for war. Flared wheel arches, larger air intakes and brushed silver bits are subtle give-away’s that this is not a normal Audi A3. Start up the new Audi RS3 and the distinct purr of a transverse 5 cylinder engine is audible, a very different sound to its four cylinder younger sibling, the S3. Will the new Audi RS3 claim Greece versus its competitors? Only time will tell. The war has already begun overseas, but the ultimate test will be when the car launches on our South African soil. Until then, get ready and stay tuned. Happy Modded Monday Motorists.

2015-audi-rs-3-sportback_100494268_l 2015-audi-rs-3-sportback_100494270_l