- Aug 2015

Why we all love Vicki Butler-Henderson

Women Wednesday: Vicki Butler-Henderson

We all had that one girl that we crushed on as little boys, you know the one that was different to many of the other girls. She wasn’t a “girly” girl but wasn’t a “Tom-boy” either, she didn’t mind playing soccer with the boys but could also talk fashion with the girls. She was just a cool girl, you know what I mean? I had a crush like that growing up, the difference is that my crush was on a TV screen, in a different country and she was much older than me. There’s something about a lady who is passionate about cars and is not afraid to show it. Some show their passion for cars by talking about them, others by writing about them. Then you get Vicki Butler-Henderson who shows her passion for car by driving them, very very well.

Like most talented drivers, she has a karting background, something she was involved in since age twelve. Her brother raced cars and her grandfather was involved in karting too. We all know her from the show Fifth Gear but those who are long time fans of her will know she presented the old Top Gear, co-hosting with Tiff Needell. This is where she showed the world that ladies can drive just as well, if not better than many men. Only a few people will understand the emotional feeling of driving a car that makes you happy in every single way. Vicki demonstrated this feeling when she got emotional behind the wheel of a yellow Ferrari 458 Spyder, something many enthusiasts will empathise with. If that doesn’t demonstrate her love for all things four wheeled, I don’t know what will. That is why it’s only apt that we feature Vicki Butler Henderson for this weeks “Women Wednesday”, a lady who most little boys and men wished they could marry, a simply cool girl.

*image courtesy of www.ausmotive.com