- Mar 2015

Who will replace Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson?

Who will be the new Top Gear?

After the whole Top Gear fiasco, many car and entertainment lovers are probably wondering where they will get their next fix. Jeremy Clarkson himself mentioned how they aren’t many who do what they did. Among the notable people who are well known in the car world,  he listed rivals fifth gear and the independent journo Chris Harris.  In typical Jeremy style he sarcastically spoke about how easy it will be to replace the trio. If you read between the lines though I feel that his statement alluded to the contrary. The Top Gear formula seems so simple yet its complexities are far greater than what we think. Sometimes in life you just get the right mix of individuals to come together and create something special. This was the case with these three men, they didn’t make themselves out to be car gurus but they made you realise one thing, their passion.

Passion for their jobs is what made Top Gear what it was, humour, controversy and banter were merely secondary ingredients in the ever so popular recipe. The three stooges’ love for the program made the show unscripted and the real friendship between them added to that. Top Gear began as a typical motoring programme decades ago but in the end it was just three friends messing around with the whole world as their audience. So my wish is this, whoever replaces the trio, (I say that because James May said they come as a “package deal”) must not try replicate what they did. They must simply start from the beginning with a new concept operating under an old name. If they do this they still have a chance at winning the audiences over, if they don’t they could easily be labelled as copycats and kill the whole show. Personally I would like to see the likes of Chris Harris join a mainstream show such as Top Gear, but keep it with his style of journalism, or perhaps even radio host Chris Evans. As long as it’s a car loving human being with a unique personality, we should be fine. The death of the current Top Gear is a sad one indeed but as Jeremy has said it himself, people move on. For the better we don’t know but only time will tell.  Look at Harris’ new video with the McLaren P1 and tell me if you think he would be a worthy candidate?