- Aug 2015

Who is the loudest of them all? : Armytrix is definitely one of them.

Modded Monday: Armytrix Exhaust Systems

The first thing many people do when they modify a car is to change the exhaust system. That is why the after-market exhaust industry is so big and there are many players in the field. As a result, there are entry level exhaust systems that one can buy at a cheap price. What happens when your budget grows and you can afford an expensive car and you wish to install a system that matches the price range of your vehicle? It becomes a different ball game. Manufacturers have seen the demand in this segment, that is why BMW offers Akrapovic, Mercedes has Brabus and Volkswagen has ABT and Oettinger.

If these brands don’t float your boat, you could try other brands that are a bit more extreme. One of the more extreme brands is Armytrix, the name already sounds like a military grade exhaust system. Armytrix uses a system they call “Valvetronic”, this system allows you to modulate how much noise you want the exhausts to make through a valve that is part of the system. You can choose different modes through a remote that is supplied with the system. Besides making lots of delicious noises, the Armytrix exhaust systems does its job of increasing power to the car that the system is fitted in. Armytrix exhaust systems are aimed at the exotic car segment, but don’t leave out smaller high performance cars like the Volkswagen Golf GTI for example. Tuning company Liberty-Walk often partners with Armytrix when they do ridiculous conversion to cars like Ferrari 458’s and Lamborghini Aventador’s. So if you are looking for some crazy sounding, high performance and remote controlled exhaust pipes, perhaps Armytrix is for you. The question is, can performance loving enthusiasts get Armytrix exhausts in South Africa? Yes there are agents that can supply South African clients with these products, “Streetwize Tuning” being one of them and “Wulfchiptegnik” being another. South African car enthusiats love after-market exhausts, so it’s great that the systems are available locally, because there is definitely the clientèle for them here. Happy Modded Monday Motorists.