- Jun 2015

Wheel Wednesday: Rays Gram lights wheels

Wheels you would leave your wife for?

Okay maybe not your wife, but possibly your girlfriend? I mean let’s be honest, line up your girlfriends photo with the picture above and tell me which one you look at for the longest. If you say your girlfriend then keep her close, she must be a looker.

So who makes these wonderful pieces of spinning art? Well that would be the Japanese company “Rays wheels” who also go by the name of “Volk Racing”. They make a wide range of wheels, forged and cast. There a few sets I cannot get enough of, the “Gram lights” (57JX, 57D, 57DR, 57C6). These wheels are very popular in the drifting scene, you will most likely see a few sets in the World Drifting Championships.

I just love the thick alloy design and colour variations, I mean how many other wheel manufacturers offer blue, luminous pink and yellow? Of course it won’t suit all cars, yellow wheels on my BMW 1 series wouldn’t look great, but on a black Rx7….hmm. They also do offer more sensible colours, such as black and gun metal grey. Happy Wheel Wednesday.

Rays Gram lights