- May 2015

Wheel Wednesday: Pirelli Trofeo R

Wheel Wednesday: Pirelli Trofeo R

There are certain institutions which specialise in doing something very well. For instance, Mercedes is synonymous with comfort and BMW with driving dynamics. Volkswagen and Toyota are known for reliability and Woolworths is known for doing…well everything well. Except for their cashiers, you can never get a smile out of those people. On second thought, I’m thinking of Checkers sorry, forgive me Woolies. Well there are certain companies out there that specialise in taking a piece of rubber and creating something that enables your car to take you from point A to point B. I’m talking about the tyre boys and girls and what may seem to be something simple, is actually very complex. Who would have thought that a marking here and a groove there could make your car brake better, steer better and even perform better. Pirelli obviously knows the tricks to the trade because they have a designed a fantastic tyre called the Pirelli Trofeo R. This tyre has given car enthusiasts more to talk about than the BBC has about the new royal baby.

Is it really that good though? If so what makes it any different to other performance tyres? To answer those questions I would say yes and according to Pirelli, the reason is because of the tread pattern and lack of highly aromatic oils. I’m sorry what? Last I checked an aromatic oil is what was rubbed on my back at the physio, but when it comes to tyres it’s something different. In fact is it a bad thing, nothing great smelling about highly aromatic oils. Apparently this oil is very bad for nature and can even be harmful to animals and have carcinogenic effects. I guess you learn every day. Well the Pirelli Trofeo R does not have this oil in it, which is good, but how does that make it a better performance tyre? It doesn’t. The tyre has actually been designed for track use and is able to withstand a great amount of thrashing so it wears better as well. So if you’re want to go faster on the track, get your hands on a set of these puppies. If you don’t believe a word I’ve just said, watch Chris Harris from “Chris Harris on Cars” prove me right. Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists

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