- Jun 2015

Wheel Wednesday: Pink Valve Caps for Cancer

I’m sure we’ve all seen those artsy types that wear colourful socks? You know, those green ones with yellow Polka dots. I knew a man who loved dressing this way, even in a suit. He was a very serious person, grey suit, white shirt, black tie and shoes. As he walked though, yellow, pink or baby blue socks could be seen, screaming at you saying “look at me”. I decided to ask him why he chose to wear such loud socks and he’s reply was simple, “it makes me happy” he said. Such a simple reply and yet very profound. This man didn’t worry about what others deemed fashionable, as long as it brought joy to his heart, he was happy to dress in a way he felt was right. Some are nervous of the thought of standing out, even if they like brightly coloured socks because it reminds them of their childhood, they would rather choose stick to the greys and blacks because it’s the “normal” thing to do.

For those who want to stand out but are on the shyer side of life, you have a unique opportunity. Bridgestone have partnered with an initiative called Pink Drive which is an awareness campaign for breast cancer. If you go to a Supa Quick around the country, you will be able to purchase a set of pink valve caps for your wheels for a mere R50. That money will be donated by Bridgestone to the Pink Drive institute to go toward the mobile mammogram units which assist to detect breast cancer in men and women. Bridgestone has put it’s money where it’s mouth is by already donating R1 000 000 toward the initiative, ┬áso in the month of October, go to a Supa Quick store, get a set of pink valve caps. When someone asks you why your valve caps are pink, tell them it makes you happy.