- May 2015

Wheel Wednesday: HRE Performance Wheels


Wheel Wednesday: HRE Performance wheels

If you thought aftermarket wheels were just for looking cool, think again. If you thought performance wheels were just for reducing weight, think again. If you want wheels that look good and save weight on your car, look no further and say hello to HRE Wheels. We live in a custom world, I mean you can have most things the way YOU want them nowadays. So why can’t I have custom wheels too? HRE does just that, they have a “built to order” facility which is neat, but obviously comes at a price. They do racing, luxury or performance wheels, so whether you’re a car enthusiast or a nightcrawler looking for attention, they can put something together for you. What I would like to talk about are the P106’s, a wheel built for speed. It is lightweight and strong so you can comfortably put them on your…let’s say Porsche 911 GT3 and they won’t ruin the ride. Instead HRE claims the rims will improve cornering and breaking too, with a lifetime structural warranty they must be really confident in their product. Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists