- Jun 2015

Wheel Wednesday: Carbon (Fibre) Revolution

Wheel Wednesday: Carbon Revolution

Carbon fibre has long been used by car manufacturers to make vehicles lighter because a lighter car is essentially a faster car. Carbon Fibre has also created very interesting pub conversations for people who own cars that have the material in their cars. You know the person I am referring to, the guy who wears sailing shirts with all sorts of paraphernalia written on it. Our overly tanned friend that races on weekends even though his only been on the track once. Yes Carbon Fibre has great bragging rights in the car world, whether its a diffuser, mirror covers or a spoiler. Now my Carbon lovers have even more to brag about, Carbon Fibre rims. This concept makes sense because wheels play a very important aspect in the dynamics of a car and a Carbon Fibre wheel can make a huge difference. This is for two reasons, strength and weight. Carbon Fibre is a very strong material and it is extremely light too, so if you have Carbon Fibre rims this can increase performance and add to the dynamics of your car. Carbon Revolution allows you to do that, they offer a one piece Carbon Fibre wheel that does all of the above and apparently their the only guys in the world doing it. I think that’s worth a feature on Wheel Wednesday don’t you? Pity their all the way in Australia. So if you want to shave off lap times by just changing your wheels, given them a call or have a look at their website. Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists!