- Apr 2015

Wheel Wednesday: BBS F1


Wheel Wednesday







If you own a high end sports car and are looking at individualising it, you might start off with the wheels. In this day and age its tough to find a wheel that will look better than let’s say you’re… Ferrari 458 Speciale. Manufacturers do a decent job at giving the customer a good choice in ¬†rims for their specific cars nowadays. There is also the risk of making your car seem “cheap” by changing the wheels. Especially if you drive a very expensive super car, sort of like wearing a Tom Ford suit with a pair of Converse All Stars. Thinking about it, that could look quite neat depending on the event, but I’m just weird like that. Getting back on our topic, if you were to spend tons of cash on a different set of rims, perhaps consider the BBS F1 rims. I quite like these wheels, they are simple, yet stunning. Not too much detail but just enough to make you say “whoa! those look hot!”. I personally have seen a few exotics donning these wheels and my oh my did I bite my knuckles. In South Africa, this set will cost you around R80K so be ready to get asked questions by the missus after your purchase. ¬†Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists.BBS F1 2

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