Press - Jan 2020

Weight watchers: Toyota’s 2.0litre GRNM Supra

Toyota has come clean with the unveiling of a Europe only 2.0Litre GRNM Supra for 2020. Lifting the 2.0Litre 190kW and 400Nm engine and 8-speed ZF auto used in the likes of the BMW 330i. The lighter nose has resulted in a 100Kg weight saving over the beefy straight-six. Crucially 50:50 weight distribution is retained and the extensive work on the corning stability and vehicle weight transfer dynamics ensure this model is more agile than its larger-engined counterpart

According to Supra Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada, The numbers suggest a 5.2 second 0-100 sprint and the usual 250km/h buffer, which prove it to be a formidable driver-focused car that should still be rather brisk albeit easier to live with when on the edge. The 1.1-second loss in acceleration time should translate to an enhanced drive but claims to not compromise on the essence of the vehicle.

Nothing gives the two models apart, and only the Fuji Speedway edition gets 200 owners the chance to stand out. Upgrading the 18-inch lightweight alloys to 19 and adding red wing mirrors and a few accents inside the engine bay and the interior.

With the Supra not taking off in SA as compared to the rest of the world the 2.0litre and cheaper entry point to the now GRMN Fast Toyota department will remain a duty for the upcoming GR 86. Supra buyer will have to make do with the BMW B58 sourced 3.0litre instead, not that that’s an issue given the Z4 was a bit, weak.