Press - Apr 2020

VW Golf GTI TCR Specs & Pricing in SA

A while back we announced that the VW Golf GTI TCR will be coming to South Africa. Much anticipation has been drawn around the final edition of the current Mk7 range and the TCR aims to usher the next-generation Golf 8 in with a serious bang. The TCR will provide just 300 owners with a chance at Limited Edition Golf bragging rights and the most powerful GTI ever. The exodus for the Mk7 Range serves as a reminder to the 40 128 Units sold in South African Markets, with 13 230 or 33% making up GTI sales. Long Story short, we South African’s love our Golf’s and even more so the now cult icon that the GTI nameplate has become.

The Front of the VW Golf GTI TCR in Tornado Red


The Golf TCR muscles its way to the top of the range with 213kW and 380Nm driven through the front wheels. Power is delivered via a 6-Speed DSG gearbox and with the launch control active should be good for 5.6Seconds to 100Km/h. South African spec vehicles will feature the 264Km/h increased top speed. At launch, the choice of one of 3 paints: Pure White, Pure Grey and Torando Red will serve as the only spec option available. As Standard, the spec is as follows: Panoramic Sunroof, Alcantra TCR embossed Seats, Dynamic Chasis Control, Park Assist, and Active Info Display. Matte black mirrors, front splitter, a larger TCR rear spoiler and diffuser hint to the rapidness the hatch promises. South Africa will receive only a 5-door version.


How does the Golf GTI TCR compare to a Golf R? A quick look at the stats should help you understand the TCR is not the fastest accelerating Golf, given the FWD grip limitations, but the lighter chassis and increase in power aims at a more driver-focused vehicle. The steering and spring rates have been sharpened, and a front locking differential aims to reduce understeering and directness at the nose. The TCR serves as a GTI base with the GTI bit turned up as high as possible. The TCR is a much sharper and more dynamic with the lighter chassis and revisions to the front-end grip. Will the TCR live up to the standards set by the Clubsport? Only time will tell!

The Front of the VW Golf GTI TCR in Pure Grey

Golf GTI TCR Pricing in South Africa

The VW Golf GTI TCR costs a reasonable R669 000, and orders to begin in May, with the cars scheduled to arrive at dealers in July. The TCR will come inclusive of a three year 120 000km warranty and 5-year 90 000km Volkswagen Service Plan. All 300 owners will get special model demarcations on each car and ownership certification.