- Jun 2015

Thought Thursday: Koeninsegg Regera, What can you do in twenty seconds?

What could you do in  twenty seconds? (don’t say brush your teeth)

I suppose you could take your clothes off and get into bed in that amount of time, or you could start up your computer ( if its decent). You may be able to open your boot, drop a bag in, close the boot, jump into the car and put your belt in twenty seconds. ( We should actually do a “Themotorist get into the car speed test” and see who would win between myself, Francisco and Richard). Back on the subject, you can do very a mundane task in just about twenty seconds.

But not anymore …

How does accelerating from 0 – 400 kph sound? Yes… in twenty seconds. Pretty mind blowing isn’t it? Let me introduce you to the Koenigsegg Regera. The Regera boosts a crazy amount of Power, 1800 BHP to be precise, 1800 BHP from a road going car! My word. You think that’s impressive, let me tell you how it makes that very large number. Firstly it has a beautiful 5 litre twin turbo v8 pushing out a sweet 1100 BHP. To add to the fun, each wheel gets it own electric motor, which is where the other 700 BHP comes from. Best of all, this car does not have a transmission. Koenigsegg have developed something called a Koenigsegg Direct Drive system. This works with a crank mounted electric motor which fills the torque gap together with a hydraulic coupling. From pull off, the car is powered purely by the electric drive. Then once the cars rev increase,  the hydraulic coupling closes and the small crank mounted electric motor joins in to help the lower end of the torque curve. ( I will write an article just based around this system in the coming week, so we can fully understand how it works).

I wonder, could this be the future for all cars in the next fifty years? This system has enabled them to rid of the heavy transmission, which is a huge advantage.  For example, you can be sitting at a moderate 148 kph and  when you decide to floor it, the time your wife has shouted and gripped the seat ( 3.2 seconds) you will be touching the number 248. Pretty epic. I wonder who will be the first to reach 2000 BHP?