- Sep 2015

This Mom is probably cooler than yours.

This Mom judges her son’s drifting skills.

Most sons ask their mothers for advice on a variety of topics. For instance, if you need advice on your love life or big life decisions like career guidance, most sons know that “Mother knows best”. 

Well this mother and son must be really close because this young man asked his Mom to see what she thinks of his drifting skills. Firstly, it must be said that this mother is very cool. Secondly, she stays so calm during the whole process and even gives her son a “not bad”. Judging by her calm disposition, this mother has probably had a lot of experience in fast cars.

It’s great to see mothers and sons spend different types of quality time together like this. It proves that a love of cars in a family doesn’t always have to be between a father and son. It can also be between a son and his Mummy. Watch the video and enjoy. Happy Women Wednesday Motorists.