- Sep 2015

The new iPhone 6S: Is it worth the upgrade?

Is the new iPhone6S worth the upgrade?

Like cars, cell phones are constantly being changed and upgraded with names like “S” and “Edge” being added to the end. So one can’t help but ask if these changes are really worth replacing the current phone with the new one. This has just happened with the new iPhone 6S. So is the S any different to the current one?

What has changed?

A lot. Firstly they have changed the glass of the phone, making it stronger to avoid those “night- out” breaks that leave your phone looking like Spiderman webbed it. Secondly it’s faster, it has a 64bit chip that makes the phone 70% faster at CPU tasks and 90% faster at graphics task. So hopefully gone will be the days of playing hang-man with your iPhone as you look at a bitten apple whilst the phone reboots. Thirdly, the Touch ID has been upgraded too, giving a faster response to the finger.

Wait, there’s more…

The two biggest new features on the new iPhone 6S is the camera and a new feature called 3D Touch. Let’s start with the camera, it’s a 12MP camera that can shoot in 4K (YES 4K!!!) and the front camera is a 5MP that is made specifically for FaceTime (long distance relationships ftw). There is a nifty feature called Live-Photo which allows a normal photo to show movement in it when pressure is applied to it.

3D Touch is a game changer as it is an entirely new feature which allows you to do more on your phone through by applying pressure on the screen. For instance you can preview an image by applying pressure on it to show it in full screen, when you let go the image will go back to it’s normal size. Or on your home screen when pressure is applied to the screen, more options are populated the same way right clicking on a mouse does on a PC. This feature can be used in various apps on the phone as a multi-tasking tool. From a software point the new iPhone 6S uses IOS9 which is obviously the best IOS currently.


If you’re someone who is technology crazy, it’s obviously worth the upgrade. The new features will definitely be useful to you. From a performance perspective too, having a faster phone is always better than a slower one, especially if your current iPhone is prone to hanging. If you’re about to upgrade, wait for the iPhone 6S to hit South Africa. The iPhone 6S will be available in the normal size and the Plus version too. If you’ve just gotten into a current iPhone 6, be happy with what you have because you can’t keep up anyway.

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