- Jun 2015

Tech Tuesday: Samsung’s Transparent Truck

Your’e late for work and nothing is going your way. For starters, the alarm “failed” and you didn’t wake up when you were supposed to. Secondly, all your socks were missing their right partner, so after searching for a matching pair for what seems like an eternity you decided that no one will notice that black and blue are different colours. You skipped breakfast to make up for lost time and merely gargled three seconds of Listerine before you jumped into your car and headed out. To make up for lost time, you drive faster than usual, only two find a truck larger than your mother in laws friend blocking your way. Trying to overtake it seems is basically like playing Russian roulette, the only difference is that instead of a possible bullet, a moving piece of machinery could be the cause of death. At this point, your inner voice tells you to choose wisely and live another day, so instead you scream obscenities in your car and carry on at 20Kph until its safe to overtake. Does this scenario seem familiar? Samsung understands. That is why they have adopted a very nifty set-up that could save your life and even your job.

What happens when you place a camera in the front of a truck and transmit what it sees to four large screens in the back of the truck? A transparent truck is what you get. Cool right? This is all part of an initiative that Samsung is piloting to see how they can help with road safety. We think it’s brilliant! In a perfect world, if a system like this was rolled out, imagine the amount of happy motorists there would be? Especially in big cities where trucks are the bane of many drivers lives. There is a problem though. Money. Last we checked, four large screens weren’t cheap and expensive is not a word that accountants of big businesses like. So the likelihood of technology like this coming to fruition on a large scale is probably slim. The concept of it is awesome though and for that, Samsung, we salute you. Happy Tech Tuesday Motorists.

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