- May 2015

Tech Tuesday: Porsche’s funny looking wheel vents

If you like rear engined German cars, you will notice that the only company that uses this platform have come out with a new car. Yes, Porsche has added another model to their range of 911’s and not just any model, but something rather special. The words RS have a special meaning to car lovers, if you want to make a car person salivate say those two words and you will have their attention. The reason being that most manufacturers know that there is a certain expectation when they place those letters on their cars. For instance, Audi’s RS3, Ford’s Focus RS and of course Porsche’s 911 RS’s, specifically the GT3 RS. The car has been anticipated for a while now and it’s finally here. As with all RS’s, this means more power by means of a bigger engine, better handling, more aggression and even better looks. Now the car looks amazing but there is one thing that made me second guess it’s fine lines. Above the front wheel arches you will find something that resembles parts of a George Foreman grill. These are vents and I don’t quite like them. They look somewhat trashy for this Porsche. Mind you the previous GT3 RS’s had Smartie coloured rims and graffiti on the panels, so it’s not like Porsche has been conservative in the styling of these models before.

Despite my disapproval, there is a reason for this out there feature on this car and it’s not for simple styling. These vents create downforce, which is what makes the car stick to the ground at higher speeds. It’s amazing that what we may think is purely styling is something that can double the downforce on a high performance sports car, such as is the case in the GT3 RS. Think of it like cycling shorts, they may look terrible, but they certainly help the cyclist be more aerodynamic whilst cycling. Many technologies have been added to the new Porsche GT3 RS and increased downforce has played a huge role in making this car better than it’s “softer” brother. So if ever ¬†you were asking yourself why Porsche placed bits of a fan to the fender of their car, it’s to make it go better. Happy Tech Tuesday Motorists.


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