- May 2015

Tech Tuesday: Magnetorheological suspension

Tech Tuesday: Magnetorheological Dampers

Magnetorheological suspension sounds like something that could threaten national security. In fact, I can see it in my minds eye, a super villain terrorising a city with it and a special elite force must come in and save humanity from it. Sounds like a cool movie doesn’t it? Well I hate to tell you that Magnetorheological suspension or dampers is a fancy type of vehicle suspension. The type of suspension you get on let’s say, the new Lamborghini Aventador SV. What does this suspension do? It cures any disease. No I lie, it makes for a super responsive ride through the use of Magnetorheological fluid which is filled in a shock absorber and controlled by a magnetic field. How? Science that’s how. All you need to know is that it makes your car handle very well especially in a car travelling very quickly. You see, if you’re on a track and you’re turning from one side to the other at great speeds, then braking very hard, chances are you’re going to get sick. Unless you’re used to the G-Force of being on a track. Now what Magnetorheological damping does is assist the car to handle those constant changes in direction smoothly therefore making the car handle better. Simple? So if you have a few million and would like to feel how that suspension works, get yourself a new Lamborghini Aventador SV. If the former isn’t possible watch this video to see how the car handles. Happy Tech Tuesday Motorists.

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