- Jul 2015

Tech Tuesday: Forgetting where you parked is so last year…

If you have been around many females, the saying “so last year” is something that you’ve heard before. Whether it’s shoes,bags or even the colour black, anything can be “so last year”. In the future though, losing your car in a car park will be so last year too. Let me explain why. See technology in cars is so advanced nowadays, you can sit in your home and see various details about your cars from your phone by means of an app. With some brands you can check what your fuel range is in your car, whilst sitting on your couch or office. BMW call it Connected Drive, Mercedes calls it Connect me and Audi calls it MMI Connect.

These apps are all different but they all have similar features. For instance, BMW and Mercedes’ apps have a nifty feature that uses the cars sensors to inform emergency services if you have been involved in an accident. Audi and Mercedes’ apps allows you to locate your car after you have parked it, a feature that will prove to be very helpful to city folk who park in multi story car parks. All three apps enhance your GPS functionality and work with your phone to help you navigate yourself to the exact destination you need to go. All these apps ensure you that you are connected to your car in a more convenient way, through the one object we can’t do without, our cell phones. We feel that this technology is very useful. As long as it is used correctly these apps can prove to be very beneficial to the driver. A few years ago, the best technology that linked a phone to a car was bluetooth, but now that’s so last year.

*image taken from www.mercedesbenz.com.au