- Jun 2015

Tech Tuesday: All that in an Opel Corsa?

It’s no secret that Opel has recently undergone some brand rejuvenation through its current offerings. Not too long ago you would look at the Corsa and think “meh”, but now you stop and think “hmm”. The Adam is a funky little car and I quite liked it. The Corsa seems a little more grown up but still maintains the funky persona found in its new sibling, the Adam. As I have mentioned in previous articles, a customer ¬†looking for something entry level will struggle to find a terrible car when comparing between the major brands. The competition is tight, so manufacturers have to make sure that they’re on their “A” game to stay in the running. So much so that nowadays you can get an entry level car with more spec in it than a luxury saloon from ten years ago.

The new Opel Corsa is an example of this, the Cosmo (top of the range version) for instance has xenons, bluetooth, touch screen radio and rain sensors as standard equipment. This is on top of the spicy little 1.0l 85kw/170Nm engine it has. Now if that doesn’t get it’s competitors sweating than maybe the fact that you can even get Park Assist as an option will. We spoke about saloons from ten years ago remember? Forget those cars, the Corsa of that time itself was as basic as a loaf of bread, now I can get Park Assist in the current one? That’s progression I tell you. Is it overkill? I don’t think so, let me tell you why. If you’re a person who has been around for a while, certain features like a touch screen radio and park assist will mean nothing to you. It’s all gimmicks to that type of client. The older generation that grew up on cassette players and cigarette lighters don’t get ditsy about things like those. My dad often says “as long as I can send texts and make calls, that’s fine”.

I on the other hand, being part of a newer generation, want something that can text, call, email and Instagram at the same time. Why? Because that is what I am used to. So when it comes to cars, for the target market of the new Opel Corsa, it makes sense to throw in all the options because that is what that target market wants. We are the gimmick generation and gimmicks sell. I wouldn’t say that the new Corsa is full or gimmicks, I would refer to them as “luxuries”. As much as I don’t like Park Assist in any car, the fact that you can get it in an entry level car like the new Opel Corsa makes me wonder what will be available in 2025. Happy Tech Tuesday