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Infiniti’s answer to the 4 Series and C-Class coupé.

With the Geneva Motor Show happening soon, there are some interesting vehicles to look out for. One of those cars is Infiniti’s new sports coupe, named the Q60. Just looking at this car you can see the segment it will compete in, the likes of the BMW 4 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe are the definite rivals.


Much like the design of many Infiniti’s today, the Q60 uses sharp and sleek lines to create a sporty look for the car. A large low slung black and chrome grille stares you straight in the face, whilst a more minimalistic rear is seen with an exhaust pipe on either side.


The Q60 will use a 3.0L twin turbocharged engine which produces 298 kW and 475 Nm of torque. As good as those power figures are, this car doesn’t seem to want to challenge the likes of the M4 and C63, but rather the 435i and the forthcoming C450 AMG. Will it be a worthy contender? Only time will tell.


On first impressions, we notice that the car does share very similar lines to both the Mercedes and the BMW, but don’t most cars nowadays? It’s good looking but not savagely aggressive. Perhaps it will be a good grand tourer. Let’s hope it’s exciting.