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What would your “One Car For Life” be?

Choosing one car for the rest of your life is a daunting exercise.

If you could own any ten cars in the world, what would they be? Most of us car nuts have probably been asked something along those lines before. Maybe even your top five or even top three.

As a lover of cars, you will soon realise that is a tough question. What would you use as a daily drive? Or would you even have a few regular drive vehicles? Will you allow one or two spaces for your other half’s cars of choice? Questions like these will plague your mind; you will mentally scratch out and swap vehicles until finally, you have your own personal golden list.


But what if we told you that you could only choose one vehicle for the rest of your life? It could be anything your heart desires but would need to suit your own personal circumstances. This is where it gets tough. If you have kids, then it’s probably best to avoid a two seater. Maybe you spend a couple of hours a day stuck in rush hour traffic, so it would be a good idea to rule out a track ready beast. You would soon miss that soft air-conditioner breeze as the South African sun hit you, and the bucket seat and harness will probably crease your business suit. This is the part where the rational part of your brain comes into play, and you are going to have to make sacrifices you don’t want to make. I love old classics; I am also a massive fan of Japanese tuners, and I adore fire-breathing supercars. Fortunately (or unfortunately, whichever way you see it) I am to be married this year. I love road tripping, exploring, power, speed and comfort. I’ve also got a small soft spot for Dachshunds, which my fiancé has too.

So right now, if I had to go and purchase my “One Car For Life” I would head to the Audi dealership and buy myself an RS6 Avant. You may think this is strange, but I have my reasons:


Firstly, it has five doors which are something my fiancé would demand. It also saves a lot of hassle when travelling with passengers or future children (maybe). The RS6 has tonnes of space, whether I’m road tripping with five people or going away to photograph landscapes, I don’t need to worry about space for people or gear. I also know my soon to be wife would be relatively safe if she were ever driving this vehicle, something I wouldn’t be so sure about in an 80’s classic with no traction control and ABS. Secondly, the RS6 Avant looks excellent. With many complaining that station waggons have a “mum’s taxi” appeal, this isn’t the case with this car. It also sounds pretty mean and to top it all off; it produces 447kW (600bhp) from a twin turbocharged V8. That’s more than enough performance and power to keep me smiling.

The RS6 Avant would allow me to enjoy everything I love doing without me compromising on a lot, which makes it my O.C.F.L. What would your O.C.F.L be? Let us know via social media and state your case.