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South Africans rejoice! New Volkswagen Polo has been revealed!

New Volkswagen Polo

New Volkswagen Polo revealed!

If there’s a car we as South Africans love besides the Toyota Hilux, is the Volkswagen Polo. For years this model has been part of the top 3 selling cars in the country. This doesn’t seem to be a South African thing though, because over 14 million Polo’s have been sold worldwide. Now the new version has been revealed and it looks more premium and larger than the car it replaces.

What’s new?

Besides the exterior and interior looks, the new Polo makes use of new engines ranging from a 1.0 litre to a 2.0 TSI which will be fitted in the new Polo GTI.  In between the entry level and the flagship, there is also a 1.5 TSI engine which will probably be the pick of the bunch for many people as it develops 110kW. The most interesting development is the inclusion of a 1.0 TGI engine which will run on natural gas. Diesels have not been left out as two 1.6 TDI engines will also make their way into the range. Things aren’t clear yet if we will have the full complement of engines available in South Africa, but we can be sure that the majority of engines offered will make their way to our shores.

Tech fiesta:

Volkswagen aims to make the new Polo more premium, so features like Active Info Display will be available in the model. Other impressive additions like Adaptive Cruise Control, Park Assist and even Wireless Charging for smart-phone users will make the Polo a very impressive offering for buyers looking for a technologically inclined vehicle.  The technology doesn’t stop at entertainment as a host of safety features have been added, such as Pedestrian Monitoring and City Emergency Breaking. Other tech features we’ve fallen in love with such as Apple CarPlay will remain thankfully.


The new Volkswagen Polo will be available in Trendline, Comfortline, Highline and of course GTI variant. LED Daytime Running  Lights come standard in each variant, which is good because some of the competition now offers the same feature from a lighting perspective. The aesthetic appeal of the new Polo is quite a change compared to the current model we’re used to. Volkswagen has always been more aggressive in the changes made to each new Polo, unlike the Golf which has remained quite similar for the last three models. We can only imagine dealers will be abuzz when the car lands in South Africa soon. Stay tuned for more information regarding specific details surrounding this new Volkswagen Polo.