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Here’s why you should buy the Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia 

I know what you are all thinking, how does the Italian stallion compare to the ever so popular BMW 3 series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class or the third German moustache – the Audi A4?. All giants of the same segment.

This article isn’t going to be a long-winded and unnecessary comparison, the seats are like this, the wing mirrors are like that…if that’s what you came for you can copy and paste the above paragraph into the mighty Google search. This article is simply going to give you the reason why one should consider the Giulia- summed it up in one word: Difference.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Let me expand this over a few hundred words.

You see, a BMW 3 series is a great proven product, likewise a C-class, they sell in droves partly because of this, but also because these brands are huge in this fine country of South Africa. Consumers buy BMW/Mercedes/Audi products for the same reason they buy Apple- because of how it interprets them and how they are viewed by their friends. I have happened to fall for this clever marketing ploy, you don’t sell the product, you sell the experience, the lifestyle…

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The first Alfa Romeo Guila I drove happened to be the QV, its fast and nimble front end caught my attention, so did the faulty electronics, and then a day later it ended up in a tyre wall ( through no fault of my own) It’s safe to say I didn’t get to spend much time in that specific vehicle, but after spending a good amount of time in the “standard” model, the Giulia just happens to also be a very good motor vehicle – shock horror.

However, I can’t just leave you with that to break the mould. We can all see its beautiful, but above that, it drives very nicely from both a comfort and performance perspective, it’s darn comfortable, the interior is fairly splendid and features technology which belongs in 2018. The Giulia’s 2.0 Petrol with 147 kW 8-speed automatic transmission offers just a good if not a better driving experience than its direct competitors. So here is what you need to ask yourself, why not be different?

Alfa Romeo Giulia

You see, life isn’t always what your friends think. While on route to test drive the “you know whats”, break the stereotype and pull into your nearest Alfa dealer. You never know unless you try and let’s be honest, if I had a Rand for every 320 M-Sport I passed on the morning commute, I wouldn’t be making a morning commute…

Should the Germans be worried? The Alfa Romeo Giulia is flexing on them.

Lap times prove that Alfa Romeo Giulia means business.

For months now we’ve been hearing all sorts of hype about the Alfa Romeo Giulia, especially the crazy version called the Quadrifoglio. This car has one aim and one aim only, to kick some German butt, namely the BMW M3/ M4 and Mercedes C63. Will this be possible? Well so far, with power figures of 380 kW being stated, the car could cause a spot of bother for our German friends. Now to add to that at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Alfa Romeo confirmed that the car did a lap time of 7 mins 39 seconds at the Nürburgring. If this is true and the car Alfa Romeo used was using road tyres, the Giulia will have lapped the ring a full 13 seconds faster than the BMW. Now if you’re not a big car person, you may think “why is the Nürburgring time so important?”

Why is the Nüburgring a big deal?

The Nürburgring is the place where all the manufacturers take their fast cars and test them for various things such as handling and dynamics. The reason for this being that the Nürburgring is an extremely demanding and long circuit which forces any car to utilise its handling setup the best it can. So the “big boys” spend months testing and fine tuning their cars here. The possible fact that the Giulia did the circuit 13 seconds quicker than a car that is known as the benchmark in this segment, is a noteworthy thing and shows that Alfa Romeo aren’t here for a picnic. Should the Germans be worried? We think so. Have a look at the video below to see a short video of the Giulia going around the ring.