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Citroen South Africa’s C4 Cactus: A proper hipster car

Citroen South Africa’s space aged plant.

If there’s one thing we can give Citroen, is that over the years they’ve been the one car maker that couldn’t give anything about what the average person considers as the norm. As a result, to say they have created bold designs would be an understatement. Think of all the cars that Citroen South Africa has brought here. For instance, remember the Citroen DS? Yes the car almost everyone’s grandfather owned. It looked like a large roach that had self-levelling suspension. Yet today, you look back at the design of the DS and the inner *hipster (see footnote) in you comes out, urging you to source one, restore it and drive it around with a large beard on your face.

Many will agree that Citroen’s designs have always been somewhat ahead of the times. Nothing has changed with one of their new cars, the C4 Cactus. Need we say more? With a name like Cactus for a car, one can’t expect anything less than a ridiculously interesting design, perhaps with protective Airbumps on the doors so no one scratches your Cactus in a parking lot. Oh wait, that’s exactly what Citroen did with this car. On first impressions, we looked at it and thought “yuck”, then after some time we realised that the only reason why we gagged was because we were in shock. After some more time we even started to think the C4 Cactus was oddly good looking. “Are we losing our minds?” we thought, as the character of the Cactus charmed us to the point where we couldn’t believe that a car named after a plant could induce such big grins behind the wheel.



This is mainly due to the fact that upon entering a Citroen C4 Cactus, you feel like you’re in the future. The cabin is flat, wide and so very space age that they may as well throw in R2D2 to ride shot gun with you. Everything in the car is controlled by one screen. This includes the air-conditioning, the radio and the central locking too. And then there’s the driving experience, it feels very light behind the wheel, and not in a bad way. You almost feel like you’re gliding around, possibly the same feeling our grandfathers had in their DS’s. The model we had was the top of the range Shine Puretech with the 81 kW 1.2 litre turbocharged engine.


One would think that because the engine is quite small, the Cactus would be as fast as its namesake, but it’s the complete opposite. That little engine must’ve eaten all its vegetables because it packed a small punch enough to make us burst out in laughter at just how ridiculously quirky this car is. The Cactus is the best laugh R294 900 can buy you in this segment. How can you not smile when telling people you’re meeting up with to look out for a white Cactus approaching?


As good as the Cactus is as an experience, and as good as it is to drive on a long road and in town, the only frustrations we have with it, was the fact that the steering wheel is not reach adjustable, and at high speed, the roof racks tend to get noisy. Besides that, the car is a very unique blast to drive. No wonder it’s a finalist for the 2016 SAGMJ Car of the year. Citroen South Africa must be very pleased about that. The fact that the small engine sips fuel is another aspect that really impresses. At the end of the day all these little things about this car come together to encompass what Citroen has always strived to be, which is to be different.

Who knows, perhaps a few decades from now our children will be looking for old Cactus’s/Cacti to restore so they too can embrace their inner hipster. Till then, if you want something otherworldly, spacious and scratch resistant, then the C4 Cactus may just be up your ally. For me information on the car, click here.

*Hipster: “Artistic” men and women who detest the “mainstream”. They’re generally identifiable through their vintage clothing, round wooden glasses and large Asterix and Obelix-like beards.

40_c4_cactus 45_c4_cactus

Volvo South Africa’s new S60 Polestar is here: Say hello to Superman.

Volvo South Africa’s new beast

Clark Kent is the character that most people forget about in the Superman story, with good reason too. He doesn’t do anything that makes you say “wow that is amazing”. All he does is unbutton his shirt, revealing a large “S” logo and then the real action happens. Off with the glasses and the boring suit, and on with the red and blue spandex and out comes a superhero.

The thing is, poor Clark Kent is probably a good person, we just never get to hear about him because he blends into humanity like everybody else. He is likely to be an excellent employee that pays his taxes and helps old ladies cross the street. If the creators of Superman had focused on Clark Kent, though, the story of Superman would have probably not been so famous. People want action, drama and a hero to look up to.

The Volvo S60 finds itself in a Clark Kent-like scenario; it is a good quality sedan with a brand fixated on safety behind it. The car is comfortable, the engines in the range are good, and reliability is not a problem. So why isn’t the S60 the car everybody talks about?

Well like Clark Kent, the car doesn’t do anything spectacular, it doesn’t “wow” you. It’s conservative, understated and if it were a human, it would probably pay its taxes too. So what would Volvo need to do to make the S60 exciting? A small company in Sweden called Polestar have recently been bought by Volvo to officially add spice to the S60. The result? Volvo’s very own Superman. Say hello to the Volvo S60 Polestar edition.

What has changed?
To jump right into the meaty part, the Polestar edition Volvo S60 produces 258 kW and 500 Nm from a 3.0 litre turbocharged in-line six cylinder engine. Yes, the glasses are off, and it’s time to save the world. The new Volvo S60 Polestar is really good. Polestar has gone through a tremendous effort to turn a safety focused sedan into a high-performance vehicle that is usable in almost every scenario. It comes as no surprise then that the Polestar is running a 4WD Haldex suspension system. That same system also has 80% stiffer springs than the standard Volvo S60. That being said, the vehicle is no back breaker, it’s firm but comfortable.

To stop all that power very quickly, the brakes on the Polestar have been upgraded to a Brembo/Polestar set and the 20-inch wheels wear sleek Michelin Pilot Sport rubber. Visually the Volvo S60 Polestar is easy to differentiate between the standard S60, partly because it is Smurf blue in colour. The other reason being that the car has different bumpers, wheels and aero, making it look more in tune with its superhero theme. It looks fantastic. Without even starting up that mighty powerplant in the front, the S60 Polestar sits quietly in the pits of Red Star Raceway, waiting to be opened up like a piece of bright blue candy.

How does it drive?
The power delivery from that sonorous six cylinder engine is linear and exciting. The twin-scroll turbocharging has made a great impact on the responsiveness of the engine. The gearbox in the Polestar is a six-speed automatic which allows you to hold a gear in manual mode. This has proved useful on the race track, and even though the gearbox is not the fastest unit out there, it gets the job done.

In a normal driving scenario, the transmission in the Polestar will be more than adequate, keeping true to Volvo’s goal of creating a car that can be used 365 days a year. With weather conditions changing so frequently, the use of a 4WD system in the car further adds to that sentiment. On the race track, the system worked very well under heavy pressure, allowing the vehicle to grip immensely through tight corners and chicanes. Understeer was very minimal in the car, instead, the S60 Polestar is very predictable and light on its feet on the road. So the modifications can clearly be seen and felt on the Polestar compared to the normal S60.


This Volvo is still an S60 at the end of the day, and Polestar has not sacrificed comfort or practicality while developing this car. If anything, they have created something that can be used in the real world, something that makes sense.

The interior has a premium feel to it with nubuck leather and silver and chrome bits placed here and there. The vehicle is also spacious enough to drive the family along in it when you’re in Clark Kent mode.

Surprisingly, the Volvo S60 Polestar costs R735 000, which is cheaper than a BMW 340i with some spec on it. It doesn’t matter though because Volvo South Africa is only bringing in 28 units, and there are already sold.

The real question is, who would this car appeal to? That is always something to think about when a brand not known for something decides to explore a different side to their usual persona. The Polestar seems to be the car for the conservative who has a wild side to him/her. The kind of person who is calculated and precise. If Clark Kent were real, he would probably drive a Volvo S60 Polestar. For everyday life, the car is a normal S60, but when the time comes, and it’s time to unbutton that shirt, the S60 can quickly transform from Clark Kent to Superman.

Opel South Africa’s new Adam: Does it really Rock?

Opel South Africa’s new Adam Rocks

Since Opel’s transformation, they have released some great and innovative cars. One of those cars being the ever so fun Opel Adam, a car that has been a big hit for Opel South Africa. The slick and hip city car which is unique to the driver. The Adam has done fantastically well in a short period, selling over 1200 cars in South Africa. Everyone likes their cars to be personable to them, and Opel hit the nail on the head in that respect. The Adam can be customised in so many different ways that it’s possible not to find another Adam like yours on the road.

So we have the Adam, Adam Jam and Adam Glam but now it’s time for these current cool cats to welcome their new sibling to the world, The Adam Rocks. The car does rock, and it boasts the same three-cylinder turbo engine found in the Jam and Glam which is perfect for city driving. It’s also packed full of useful features such as Blind Spot Assist, Advanced Park Assist 2, auto-wipers and City steering. What separates the Adam rocks from its brothers and sisters, is very much a difference in its visual appearance. For starters, the vehicle has been raised by 15mm, and there is added exterior cladding to the wheel arches, fenders and bumpers. This immediately gives the Rocks a more bold, tough, off-road crossover look, which I think is great.

Another standout feature of the Adam Rocks is its canvas roof which opens up with the touch of a button, giving you that airy feeling. This is one very cool car; it has got the whole “image is everything” look just right.

After driving the Rocks, you realise that nothing has changed regarding the ride quality. You still get the feeling that this is a very well built car, small and nimble for city streets but with enough oomph for highways and longer drives. The 7-inch Intelli-Link system is simple but smart; you can even set the rear wiper to flick once when you select reverse gear.

The Adam Rocks start at R270 000. We know, it’s not cheap, but you’re not buying something cheap when you buy any Opel Adam. You’re buying a stylish, unique, German engineered vehicle packed full of features and fun. If the Adam Rocks is out of your price range, don’t fret too much, you can check out the other Adams in the range with prices  starting at R190,000. If the small 1.0-litre engine is too soft for you and you’re looking for the Adam style but with a bit more performance, don’t worry the Adam S is just around the corner with Opel South Africa launching it soon. Stay tuned.

Audi South Africa has launched the RS3. It’s here to make noise.

Audi South Africa’s RS3: It’s here.

So the Audi RS3 has been for sale in South Africa for the last month or so and it’s causing quite the stir. It is the only super hatch available that features a five-cylinder engine. As a result, the noise that comes out of the exhausts is rather delicious and unique.

The RS3 is up against Mercedes’ A45 bruiser which has been recently tinkered with to create more power, 280 kW to be exact. BMW seems to be on the back-foot this time as their M135i only pushes 240 kW while the RS3 produces a hefty 270 kW. The Bavarians at BMW do have the long awaited M2 coming soon, and even though it’s a coupé, it will be compared to the Audi and the Mercedes. There’s more; Ford also has a hyper hatch waiting to be unleashed in South Africa, the Focus RS, so it seems like 2016 will be quite the showdown.

For now, though, we celebrate Audi South Africa’s stunning hatchback that can catapult you to 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds thanks to the Quattro drivetrain fitted as standard. For a measly R710 000, you can give a new RS3 a loving home. Chump change indeed.

The new Suzuki Vitara: It’s back.

Little brother vs. Big Brother: The new Suzuki Vitara.

Being the older brother is what I do best. Growing up, I always got things first between my three siblings. I got to decide what we watched on holiday by “booking” the DSTV as well as the Television for the day. I also bullied my siblings into doing what I wanted by threating to expose their petty secrets to our parents. It’s safe to say; I had this under control. Yes, there were/are challenges, but in my mind, the pros far outweigh the cons. My siblings were known as “Richard’s brother” or “Richard’s sisters”, what a great title to have.

Fast forward the to the Launch of the all new Suzuki Vitara that we at TheMotorist were invited to, and my hard earned spot at the top of the sibling podium was occupied. This was done by non-other than my “little” brother, Francisco, the other half of our magazine. It all started when I met the other journalists also attending the launch. “You are Francisco’s brother aren’t you? You look just like him.” Correction, he looks like me, I’m the original. The feeling of annoyance lurked deep inside me until the sensational looking little SUV was introduced to us. It looked better in the flesh than on the promotional video they showed us.

Now that I was distracted by the car, I started to enjoy my day in beautiful George and Knysna, not worried that I was nameless, just my sibling’s brother. The day began with a drive from the venue in George,  and up the beautiful mountain passes in the surrounding areas. My first impressions in the new Vitara were how comfortable the ride was, the seating position was perfect for a 6-foot male, and the 1.6-litre engine was surprisingly peppy. My driving partner asked me to try and not kill her, as she had previously driven with my heavy footed brother before. I reassured her that I was going to show her how the older, more mature older brother drives. On the blacktop, the new Suzuki Vitara showed off by how quiet the cabin is on the road. It’s no performance car, but for a 1.6 litre four pot, it has some vooma. It had no problem getting up top speed, and once I figured how the cruise control worked, the drive was a s pleasant as a Sunday.

When we turned off onto the gravel, that’s where the Suzuki Vitara started flexing its muscles. It took on all sorted of bumps, pot-holes and rifts on the roads with the greatest of ease. Since the cabin is well insulated, despite all the dust and muck flying about; we were able to hold a conversation without any strain to our vocal cords. Things took an interesting turn when my driving partner moved to the captain’s chair. Now from what she told me about my brother I expected an easy gravel road drive, something relaxed that would give me the chance to get more acquainted with all the toys offered in the car.

What happened next was not what Francisco’s brother expected! The Suzuki Vitara 1.6 GL+ went from a very comfortable family vehicle to a makeshift rally car. My driving partner was very comfortable behind the wheel at these speeds. Meanwhile, my right foot was looking for the imaginary brake pedal. What blew me away was how this little car was soaking all of this in. Here I thought that Suzuki had replaced the old Vitara with a compact pavement climber, but what I was seeing here made me realise that this little car would give more expensive cars a run for their money on this terrain.

Things came to a well-welcomed halt when travellers blocked the mountain pass with a blown tyre, and that’s when I requested the driver’s seats again, but at that stage, we were at the end of the pass and were back on the tarmac. The rest of the drive was as relaxed as the scenery, and our lunch in the heart of Knysna allowed me to not only take everything regarding how beautiful our surroundings were, but also to realise that we as consumers are spoilt for choice. With more and more vehicles emerging in various segments, it comes down to personal choice.

The new Vitara truly encompasses the spirit of the original compact SUV that was launched 27 years ago. Comparing the two models made reach epiphany, I am like the original Vitara since it all started with me. The original paved the way for the new fun and exciting model that came after it. The same goes with my siblings and I. As a result; this new Vitara is as good as it is because it has learned from its older sibling and taken its traits and enhanced it. It’s only fair then to pay respects to the original. I am ready to take all the credit. Sadly if you were to compare the two models back to back, the new Vitara would win the hearts of people since it’s young and hip. Poor original Vitara, you’ve done so much for this new car yet you’re now the “new Vitara’s brother”.


In all seriousness, though, the new Suzuki Vitara is an excellent little car in this hotly contested segment, and hopefully, more people will have an opportunity to sample it through a test drive. Hopefully, that will get people out of the psychological rut of blindly buying cars simply because of the brand behind it. Five models are available for purchase, the GL, two GL+ models, and two GLX models. All models offer different features and options. For the GL+ and the GLX, Suzuki’s AlllGrip 4×4 suspension is available, giving you more traction on the road but especially off-road. Two-tone colour combinations are also available in the GL+ and GLX as well as the choice of a 6-speed automatic gearbox for the FWD GLX. For those looking for a small, good looking and fun to drive SUV, the Vitara is an excellent choice to buy. After all, it’s based on a really good original.

Happy Motoring

Francisco’s Brother

Models and Prices:

1.6 GL      5MT:                            R239 900

1.6 GL+   5MT:                            R269 900

1.6 GL+   5MT AllGrip               R291 900

1.6 GLX   5MT AllGrip              R319 900

1.6 GLX   6AT                             R299 900

Something different: The Kia Cerato Koup.

Dare to be different, the Kia Cerato Koup.

Sometimes in life, we all long for something different. Whether it’s a different flavour of ice-cream, a different restaurant to eat at, or even a different car to drive. In the car department, choosing something different to what many people buy can be a risky thing. The reason being that firstly, the fact that many people drive a specific car means that the car is a good. If that weren’t the case, many people wouldn’t buy it, would they? Secondly, having many of the same brand of a car on the road means that when the time comes for you to sell the vehicle, it will fetch a good trade in value because there will be a demand for it. So usually sticking to the norm is the safe way to go about things. The problem with that is that the norm can get boring at times. Sometimes, having something that is different to everybody else is exciting because of just that, it’s different. Take for example the Kia Cerato Koup.

When you think of a good looking coupé car to buy, your mind doesn’t automatically think Kia does it? Usually, we all want something German, something with some status so we can casually put our keys on the table during a night out and watch our friends reactions when they see we drive a…No one can blame you for taking this route when buying a car, because, besides the bragging rights, the German’s do have a good reputation to fall back on. A reputation that is not usually cheap, unfortunately, and if you don’t have the budget for that reputation, what do you do? Do you buy the very basic model from that brand simply because of the brand, or do you try to look for another option?

If you’re someone who falls part of the latter group, then perhaps the Kia Cerato Koup is something you would consider. The fact is that this car is very good at what it does, it looks good, drives very well and lastly, it won’t cost you the same amount as your mortgage. In fact, after spending time in the Kia Cerato Koup, we found ourselves wondering why there aren’t many more of these cars being sold in South Africa. For R370 000, you get 152 kW/265 Nm of power, a short-throw 6-speed manual gearbox, a comfortable ride and some good features too. Yes, the car does not cost chump change, but it certainly offers a great deal of car for the money. The engine is punchy and refined, the car has a sporty nature to it and it has a feel good factor about it that makes you smile. The dashboard is quite basic but the seats are great and supportive.

We live in a visual world, so things must look good in order for them to have appeal. The Kia Cerato Koup ticks that box six love, with one of its strongest points being that it looks great. It’s no dumb blonde though, if it needs to get up and go it will do so willingly. At the same time, it’s not built cheaply either, it feels premium. Even though it’s a coupé, it’s not a tight fit too, so your passengers can feel just as glamorous as you do when driving in it. The Koup is one of those cars that make you think before going the “normal” route. It makes you question why you should be like everybody else. All we’re saying is that there’s nothing wrong to be different at times, and if you can look good whilst doing it, why not?

Volkswagen South Africa’s new launched Passat, is it a game-changer?

Not just a great personality: Volkswagen South Africa’s new Passat.

Most people have experienced what it’s like to be set up with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s awkward and uncomfortable. When this happens, there is usually a build up to the first “date” and this build up often involves a great deal of selling. Your friend or friends that are facilitating all this tell you about all the good things and they omit the bad. At this point, it’s a known fact that if the phrase “he/she has a great personality” is the biggest selling point, chances are the person you’re being set up with is not good looking. We’re not supposed to be shallow in life and focus purely on beauty, but it’s always easier to get to know somebody who is easy on the eyes. The person does not need to look like a model, but it’s nice to see that he/she tries to do the best with what they’ve got.

This has been part of the problem for Volkswagen South Africa when it comes to the Passat over the years. The car has always been the one in its segment with “the great personality” and as a result in South Africa, it’s always battled to get a date to the matric ball. As mentioned before we shouldn’t be shallow when looking for relationships but when it comes to cars, we have every right to be. A car needs to have a want factor, something that makes you say “that’s hot” and the Passat has lacked that over the years. Not to say it’s been an ugly car, but it can be likened to the introverted girl or guy who doesn’t put much effort in presenting themselves to others in an appealing way. This has been the opposite with its competitors, the “big three” who have always made an effort to be dolled up and present themselves as the “cool kids”, making them the popular ones in school or in this case, the roads.

The new Passat has been launched by Volkswagen South Africa recently and it has undergone an extreme makeover. The nerdy glasses have been replaced with contact lenses, the old polo neck and sweatpants have been done away with and replaced with a new wardrobe. The results? A car that makes you say “that’s hot”. This is especially the case when the new Passat is kitted with the R-Line Package, this package acts as the little black dress that makes everyone look. The “think new” slogan that’s marketed with the new Passat shows that Volkswagen has thought deeply about the importance of creating a “want one” factor for the car, something the likes of Mercedes, BMW and Audi have accomplished over the years with their cars.

So we’ve established that the car looks good, but besides that, what’s new in the B8 Passat? Everything. The car is built on the MQB platform, which makes it lighter through the use of more lightweight materials such as metals found in the engine and suspension. The total weight difference between the new and old model is 85 kg’s. Despite the car’s new physique, it’s longer on the inside yet shorter on the outside as well as lower than the car it replaces. As a result the car offers great interior space for its five occupants. The extra space comes with a great view as the cabin is a great place to sit in physically and aesthetically, with modern lines and good quality materials creating a premium feel.

To add to the interior experience, the new Passat comes with a host of new features which modernise the car even further. One of the most notable being the optional Active Info Display which is a fully digital instrument cluster that offers the driver various modes to view such as  navigation, entertainment and economy. The cluster adapts to whatever mode it’s set in and is automated with the centre 6.5 inch colour infotainment system which comes standard with Bluetooth. The option of Head Up Display is also available in the Passat, which enhances the technological prowess of the car too.

Since the new Volkswagen Passat has undergone such drastic changes, does it mean that the car has lost its great personality? Not at all. The new Passat retains a comfortable ride quality but adds some nifty driving aids such as Automatic Multi Collision Braking System (which applies the brakes on the car after an accident has occurred to prevent a secondary collision), Adaptive Cruise Control and Driver Alert System. Driver Profile Selection is standard on all Passat’s, allowing you to choose between economy, sport, normal and individual mode to suit your driving style.

The engines in the Passat are very refined and quiet, with a 1.4 TSI (110 kW), 1.8 TSI (132 kW) and the current flagship 2.0 TSI (162 kW) being the choices to choose from at the moment. A 2.0 TDI option will be available mid 2016. The current offering is well matched to the car, with all the engines providing enough power to get the car moving smoothly and comfortably. All models except the 1.4 TSI are fitted with the DSG gearbox as standard, with the 2.0 TSI being given the faster 6- Speed DSG found in the Golf GTI. In the case of the 2.0 TSI, the Golf GTI DNA has been imprinted in the car, giving it a sporty edge that the other engines cannot match.

The 2.0 TSI also comes as standard with lovely the R-Line package, but the R-Line kit is available from the 1.4 TSI up-words. The new Passat’s handling characteristics are impressive, combining suppleness with sportiness very well. At speed the vehicle is quiet, giving you the illusion that you’re doing much slower speeds than you really are. Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) which adjusts vehicle damping is standard in the top of the range 2.0 TSI which also comes standard with the XDS limited slip differential to improve handling dynamics. The 2.0 TSI is a sure rival for the likes of the BMW 330i, the Mercedes C300 and the recently launched Lexus IS 200t. Whereas the other models are sure to create some competition for the big three’s lower end models.

Overall the new Passat is a wonderful vehicle in its segment. It has already claimed the title of Eurpean Car of The Year 2015 which speaks for the car immensely. This comes as no surprise as the car offers a great deal of features and quality for the segment it operates in. The new Passat also happens to be priced competitively compared to its rivals. Being that as it is, the deciding factor is how the market receives this new Passat in South Africa. Has it managed to get out of the “old man” stigma it has carried for a long time now? We certainly think so. Now it’s up to Volkswagen South Africa to market the car as something hot and not the fact that it only has a great personality. If they can succeed in changing people’s perception of the Passat, maybe people can finally see that blind dates aren’t always a bad thing.



1.4 TSI Comfortline 110kW Manual                                                                                R378 800

1.4 TSI Comfortline 110kW DSG                                                                                     R398 800

1.8 TSI Highline 132kW DSG                                                                                           R444 200

2.0 TSI R-Line 162kW DSG                                                                                              R476 800

The 411 on the new Honda NSX

What you need to know about the new Honda NSX.

The original Honda NSX was Honda’s first venture into performance engineering for road cars.  It was powered using the same VTEC technology that ran in the original McLaren-Honda F1 car.  The body, chassis and suspension were all manufactured in aluminium, the first of its kind. The shape and Cab-forward cockpit were inspired from an F-16 fighter jet. Further to this, a 3.0 litre V6 24 valve VTEC engine was dropped right in the middle of this lightweight machine, just like the F1 Car.

What made this vehicle extra special, though, was that before production the legendary one and only Ayrton Senna tested this car. He tweaked it to perfection, and at the end of his testing period, the chassis had been tightened by 50 percent. In the end, the Honda NSX was a road race machine with the approval of one of the best drivers to ever walk the earth.

And now, it is back. It seems fitting that just as McLaren and Honda have re-ignited their Legendary F1 Partnership, a new NSX is born.  This time it brings F1 inspired hybrid technology with three electric motors, one for each front wheel and a third to aid braking, gear shifting and acceleration.  These electric motors are assisting the main power pant, a mid-mounted Twin Turbo V6.  All in all, Honda claims over 550bhp with instantaneous torque. Sending drive to the wheels will be a new 9-speed dual clutch gearbox.

The chassis is very light, with a multi-material structure and has a very stiff carbon fibre floor. The vehicle also features four drive modes: Quiet – which can be driven using all-electric power for short distances, Sport & Sport + for a more positive vehicle and finally Track mode if you want to unleash the beast.

Honda’s goal for this vehicle is to have the excitement of the Ferrari 458 but for the price of a Porsche 911. This may seem like a tall order, but hopefully, they can pull it off.

Kia South Africa wins five awards at the 2015 Product quality awards.

The People Have Spoken for Kia South Africa:

KIA South Africa received five awards at the 2015 Product Quality Awards held recently. The awards are based on a “problems per 100 vehicle” basis, so the car with the least amount of problems in each category per 100 vehicles wins. For Kia South Africa, the awards were as follows:

1. Small Hatch Category: Kia Ria with a score of PP100 score of 25.

2. Best new recreational vehicle: Kia Sorento with a PP100 score of 22.

3. Large recreational vehicle: Kia Sorento received a Silver award.

4. Most improved recreational vehicle: Kia Sportage received a Gold award with a PP100 score of 34, compared to a score of 55 the previous year.

5. Best Volume Passenger Brand: The Kia brand won a Gold award in this category with a PP100 score of 31.

Well done to Kia South Africa for the achievement. Ipsos is a company that plays a major role in quality standards and customer feedback in South Africa, so these awards are largely based on what the people have to say regarding owning vehicles from the brand. The people have clearly spoken.


Volkswagen Polo Sedan: Jetta, is that you?

The new Volkswagen Polo sedan has been revised.

The breakdown:

The Volkswagen Polo sedan has been around for a while now, with its popular baby brother stealing all the lime light, it has been the “ugly duckling” of the range. Well the folks at VW have splashed some water on the face of the car and it looks…like a Jetta. This not a bad thing considering that the Jetta is not a bad looking car, neither is it impractical. The same goes for the Volkswagen Polo sedan, it offers great space for someone who wants a Polo but has many kids, or dogs, or anything that requires a large boot.

The good news is with this update, the Polo sedan now comes with a 3 year/ 45 000kms service plan mahala (free). Also if a diesel VW is your thing (touchy subject), the 1.6 litre TDI is no longer, it is replaced by a 1.5 TDI producing the same power of 77 kW.

The pricing of the range is as follows:

1.4 63kW Trendline R189 900

1.4 63kW Comfortline R207 900

1.6 77kW Trendline R204 900

1.6 77kW Comfortline R219 900

1.6 77kW Comfortline Tiptronic R234 900

1.5 77kW TDI Comfortline R247 200