- Aug 2015

Swimming laps with the new Opel Corsa Sport

Feature Friday: New Opel Corsa Sport

Bodybuilding is a very popular profession, hobby and lifestyle. If you go to a gym at any time you will see many men and women there grunting and the sound of weights clinking and clanking, veins popping and muscles bulging. If you have a friend or family member into bodybuilding, you will know the hard work required to reach a certain size and strength level. There are many advantages of being a bodybuilder, having added strength and bulk is useful if your life revolves around things that require strength and bulk. For instance if you’re in a testosterone filled environment, fights break out often and you may need to use your strength and bulk.

One negative factor about being a bodybuilder is that your size can sometimes be a hindrance to you, you may battle to find clothes that fit and you may not need to use all your strength to type up an email if you work an office job.The same applies to cars, having a very powerful car is like being a bodybuilder, it’s good to have all that strength, but at times it can be impractical. For instance, if you live in the city and you have to contend with many other cars in traffic, you will rarely have a chance use all your power. Even if you’re not into bodybuilding, it is good to exercise and be healthy. Being overweight and weak is not a good thing too, you will often get tired and not enjoy doing everyday tasks. Most people will agree that fitness is vital to perform everyday tasks properly. One does not necessarily need to have huge muscles and be extremely strong to enjoy life. As long as you’re fit and have a good level of strength, you’ll be fine. That is why sports such as Crossfit and other sports are preferred by many. Doing a sport exercises your entire body and as a result works on your core strength, allowing to you use every muscle you have effectively.

Driving the new Opel Corsa Sport was like spending time with someone who does a sport often. A person who is a swimmer is not as big or bulky as a bodybuilder. Similarly the new Opel Corsa Sport does not have the physical stature of a hardcore OPC, such as one found in its hardcore steroid induced brother the Astra OPC. That being said the car does have the OPC kit, which can be likened to a swimmers body, lean and toned. The interior is similar to the normal Corsa but bolstered seats are fitted, gloss black bits are on the dashboard and a flat bottomed steering wheel has replaced the normal one. Entertainment is provided through a lovely touch screen radio that responds well to the fingers. Like a swimmer, when he or she is clothed you may think they’re like everyone else until they take their shirt off and flex.

The same applies to the new Opel Corsa Sport, it may look like just a fit Corsa but when you start driving it and it flexes, it takes you by surprise. Lifting weights may give you bigger muscles, but if you don’t train your whole body you may still have a weak core and injure yourself. You may have big muscles, but you can’t use them properly because the foundation of your body is not strong enough to support your new frame. This isn’t the case with the Opel Corsa Sport, it only has 110kW and 220Nm but it has a very good core, it’s suspension. As a result you can turn in at high speeds and the car handles itself very well. The traction control system is not intrusive but instead it assists you to do things quicker and better. The steering is well weighted and even though it lacks a bit of feel, it’s perfect for everyday use when you’re stuck in traffic and not driving fast.

If you had to move house and you had the choice between a friend who just lifts weights versus a friend who is an active sport player, it may makes sense to choose the guy who lifts weights. You may think he is stronger, which he probably is, but he may get tired quicker or his back may get sore. Whereas the friend who plays sport,he may not be as strong but he can probably go on for longer because he is fitter. The fitter friend is more useful for the task at hand, similarly the task of everyday life sometimes doesn’t require immense strength or immense power. The Opel Corsa Sport is like that fit friend, you can use it to go to work everyday and you can use it when you’re in a rush too. Playing sport is also generally cheaper than bodybuilding, all that is required is some running shoes, a racquet or maybe a swimming costume. On the other hand, protein supplements can be very expensive to buy and keep buying. The Opel again is like investing in a sport because at R255 000, the Corsa Sport is very well priced for someone looking for a fit and healthy lifestyle.




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