- Sep 2015

Nostalgia rims: Enkei Wheels

Wheel Wednesday: Enkei Performance wheels.

If you’re part of a younger generation you will remember the joy one had when you could customise things in your car in the game Gran-Turismo. The second generation of the game gave users the option to change the wheels on their car, a function that promoted many real brands of that time. One of the brands you could fit on your virtual car, was a brand called Enkei. This has been and still is a world renown brand for after-market performance wheels.

Now that those who played Gran Turismo 2 are at an age to be racing real cars now, it’s good to know that they can fit those rims in their real cars. The Enkei range is diverse but all the wheels have the same objective, being lightweight and strong. The brand supply wheels for many disciplines in racing, including Formula 1 too, as the supplier for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ F1 cars since 1995.

Enkei wheels are made of Aluminium for different types of racing and Magnesium for their F1 wheels. Their wheels can be seen in various colours too such as grey, black and white. Enkei wheels are also available for larger cars such as SUV’s and Bakkie’s, so even if you’re not going to be racing, your car can still look good. Like the game Gran Turismo itself, the brand Enkei has been delivering high quality products for years. Whether you’ve been racing with these wheels in real life or in a game, getting a set of these can make for quite a nostalgic purchase. Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists.


*images courtesy of www.superstreet.com/ www.stancecoalition.com