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NIO EP9: The electric hyper car that destroyed everything

NIO EP9: Fastest production car around the Nurburgring

You may not know of the new car company called “NIO” and this would come as no surprise. They are a global production car start-up specializing in premium electric vehicles, and when I say premium, I mean 1% of the world kind of premium. They claim to have brought together the worlds leading people in automotive technology in over 8 locations worldwide.


Usually, an automotive company would ease themselves into the industry, maybe producing a mediocre vehicle and building from there, but not NIO, their recently produced hypercar just beat every production car record around the “green hell” or Nürburgring – an infamous testing ground for automotive manufacturers – with a time of 6min 45 seconds.

This might not sound like a big deal, it was going to get broken, until you release that the NIO EP9 is an all-electric hypercar with world-leading technology and performance. This is staggering for a company we haven’t ever heard off.


The details of the NIO EP9

Power is produced by four electric motors producing a total of 1 Megawatt of power or in terms we know – 1 000 kW. Being electric, it produces instantaneous torque of 1480 Nm at each motor which means a combined 6 334 Nm at the wheels – these peak figures are available anywhere in the 7 500rpm range. Power is delivered through four electric motors and gearboxes featured at each corner of the car, along with a revolutionary braking system capable of producing more braking torque than a GT3-Spec racing car.


Helping the NIO EP9 reach this staggering lap time from a company with no motor racing heritage is of course aerodynamics. The EP9 is a car that features a 3-stage rear active wing and a full-length floor diffuser meaning it can produce twice the downforce of a current F1 car and has the ability to corner with 3g’s of lateral force.


This type of technology means a 0-200 km/h time of just 7.1 seconds and a top speed of 313 km/h. The EP9 has a claimed range of over 400 km with an interchangeable battery system taking only 8 minutes to swap. One battery has a charge time of 45 minutes. This is all very impressive, but we doubt one would achieve 400 km range while doing 0-200 km/h runs…

There are currently 7 EP9’s that have been produced with NIO planning to produce another 10. Cost: $1,4m – I told you it was premium.

Visit the NIO website here


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