- Aug 2015

New VW Scirocco receives a heart transplant

Modded Monday: New VW Scirocco gets modified

Customers looking to buy a sporty new car, specifically a sporty new VW often had a conundrum on their hands.  Do they go for the more practical Golf GTI which gives you the power, the boot space and the legroom, or do they go for the Scirocco that was less practical than the Golf in all aspects but looks fantastically delicious. Some may disagree with the latter statement, saying the car doesn’t look good but most will agree that the Scirocco is a good looking car.

When the seventh generation Golf GTI got introduced, this created a slight problem for Scirocco buyers. The power difference between the new VW GTI and the Scirocco 2.0 TSI although small, was enough to make a Scirocco client think twice before buying one. Although the kilowatt difference was only 7kW, the torque difference was an immense 70Nm and with turbocharged cars, 70Nm is a great deal. Volkswagen was not oblivious to this, as a result, they called their top surgeons and hatched a plan.

We bring good news to those thinking of buying a new VW Scirocco. Volkswagen have announced that the model range will be fitted with new engines. The 1.4 TSI is now a thing of the past, it will be replaced by a 2.0 TSI producing 132KW and 280Nm of torque. This is a very interesting configuration as the “baby” Scirocco will produce the same torque as its older bigger brother, the previous 2.0 TSI. The previous Scirocco 2.0 TSI, will now be exclusively badged the “GTS” and will make the same power as the new VW Golf 7 GTI, 162kW and 350Nm of torque. A lovely combination that has been very well received in the GTI. New hearts for the win.

On top of the internal modifications, they have given the new VW Scirocco GTS some exterior changes too. The R-Line package is standard on the car which adds black gloss bits and sportier bumpers and diffusers. The car also comes standard with 18 inch wheels, but the most striking thing about the styling of the Scirocco GTS has got to be the red striping that the car has. These decals were introduced in the GTS package already available in the previous Scirocco 2.0 TSI, but will now be an option for the new VW Scirocco. Thank Goodness. Interior trim has been updated too, the most notable feature being the infotainment system which will definitely give the car a modern look and feel. “Red and Black” is the theme for the GTS interior, with the steering wheel, seats and gear knob being changed – all with GTS emblems on them.

As usual, you can add all the bells and whistles as extras on the car. Adaptive Chassis  Control is an option, which may well be a good one to take because you can soften the suspension when you’re travelling on pot-holed South African roads. Service plans on the car remain the same, a 5 year/90 000 km service plan and a 3 year/ 120 000 km warranty is standard. If you were wondering, the answer to your question is no, the Scirocco R hasn’t been given the 206kW power plant found in the new VW Golf 7 R, a sad revelation to find out. Who knows what the future will bring though, we never know what the brains at Volkswagen have got in store for us, so don’t stop praying. For now, I’m sure the new engine line up will make for happier Scirocco customers, we are pleased with these modifications and welcome them with open arms. So what are customers looking for a new VW Scirocco going to pay for each model? Read below and find out. Happy Modded Monday Motorists.Scirocco GTS_005

  • 2.0 TSI Scirocco Highline 132 kW Manual:          R369 900
  • 2.0 TSI Scirocco GTS 162 kW DSG:                        R439 000
  • 2.0 TSI Scirocco R 188 kW DSG:                             R494 200