- May 2015

Modded Mondays: Kenneth Moen’s drift machine

Modded Monday

Now when it comes to car iconic cars, automatically you think of Ferrari F40’s, Lamborghini Countach’s am I right? Well it all depends on the type of enthusiast you are. For instance, I am part of the former group of thinkers but for some and by some I mean many, they have a different way of looking at things. If I say R34 Skyline V Spec, or I say Toyota Supra, do you get a shiver in your back? Then this post is for you. I must be honest, one of the main reasons why I got heavily involved in knowing about the likes of these type of iconic cars, is because I spent far too much time playing Gran Turismo on playstation as a kid. I was the kind of kid that fantasized about Testarossa’s, but I am very grateful that I got into the craze of turbocharging, waste gating and flame throwing cars. There’s something about being able to take a normal car, modifying the hell out of it and seeing what Frankenstein like creation results thereof. This is what Modded Mondays will be about from now on, we will be featuring meth induced hyped up vehicles just because we can.

What’s a better way to start this tradition with a 3.3l 2JZ Toyota Supra that is also a (wait for it)…drifting machine. Yes this is the vehicle of well known drifter Kenneth Moen, a man who is to say the least, very skilled going sideways. This is the complete list of the mods done on his Supra, and to top it off, here’s a video of him doing what he does best too. Enjoy

  • Griffin radiator
  • Ksr oil cooler.
  • Ksr intercooler.
  • Elektric water pump.
  • Volvo V70 fan.
  • Autronic sm4 ecu.
  • 1200cc injectors.
  • 2 Ksr fuel pumps.
  • Ksr fuel rail.
  • 3.3 stroked 2jz engine.
  • 264 Hks cams.
  • Jun style intake.
  • Gerrett gt40 turbo.
  • Carbonetic tripple plate carbon clutch.
  • Trd diff.
  • Kw coilovers.
  • Costom front hubs.
  • Zito wheels.
  • Linnerud Rollcage.
  • Sparco seats.
  • Sparco stearing wheel.
  • Speedpart gauges.