- June 2015

Modded Monday: The WOT Box

The what box? The WOT Box is an interesting piece of hardware built for the racer who wants launch control in his “sooped up cabby”. It has two features which are noteworthy. A “no lift” shifting mode that allows for “okes” to not lift of the accelerator pedal when changing gear. The WOT box temporarily cuts the power of the car when you clutch in whilst your foot is still on the accelerator, which allows you to shift perfectly without sacrificing your gearbox in the process. This also allows you to hold your boost if you car is turbocharged or supercharged because you’re not lifting off to change gear. Another nifty feature is that the WOT box can be set to launch the car at your desired rev’s by messing with the coils to cut power at the specific rpm you want to launch that car at. This makes for entertaining noises and sometimes flames to come out of your exhaust depending on your air/fuel mixture and other fast and furious modifications that you may have installed. Trust that when you have a WOT box installed, you will feel the need to activate your launch at all times, especially where there are large crowds involved. Just make sure that when you do, you are far away from anything flammable because if your car is one of those flame throwing types, you will most likely cause a small fire or burn someone. Any of which being very bad indeed. Happy Modded Monday Motorists