- Jul 2015

Modded Monday: The Ford Focus ST has gone under the knife…

All you need to know about the new Ford Focus ST

Every car has to go powder its nose from time to time. Sometimes more than a quick trip to the bathroom is required, a nose job may be in order and a tummy tuck too. Well the new Focus ST has done just that and the results are great. The front end has been redesigned with a sharper nose and new lights. The rear has also been updated by means of a new wider bumper but the hexagonal exhausts have stayed the same. The car which is a few years old now, can now hang out with is competitors and still look forever 21. People may even ask the Fiesta ST if the Focus is its older sister instead of mother.

The tummy tuck has done the Ford Focus ST’s interior some good too. A new infotainment system called SYNC 2 has been introduced which aims to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Anyone who can successfully do that is a champ. In any case, this system creates a more modern, cleaner look. It’s not all looks and cleaning up that the Ford has gone through. The ST’s waistline is not just slim due to liposuction, the car has gotten a personal trainer to make sure it can handle itself. Getting more bulk was not the way Ford went about it, they have kept the engine the same, producing 184kW and 360Nm. Ford has ditched the weights and focused on better core strength, by re-engineering the suspension. A torque vectoring setup is in place to allow for equal amounts of power to go to each front wheel and limit torque steer. The front springs have been changed for a better handling ride too.

One may wonder why someone may need to go under the knife and get some work done, it all depends on what your career is. The world has set the standard so high for people in the media, especially in places like Hollywood. Most of those gorgeous celebrities look the way they do because they’ve gone under the knife. The competition is so tough, in order to stay relevant, drastic measures have to be taken to be part of the top. Hot hatch Hollywood is the same, cars like the Volkswagen GTI, the BMW 125i and other brands have gone and are going for nose jobs as well. Ford needed to make sure they can keep up with them. We think Fords plastic surgeon did a fine job here, at the right price too with the ST 1 starting at R381 900 and the ST 3 at R421 900.

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images taken from www.fordstownerssa.co.za