- May 2015

Modded Monday: Rob Green Motorsport

If you are South  African and  you like your cars, especially you’re not so standard cars, you have most likely heard of the name Rob Green. Back when I was a young lad, I would read the tales of supercharged BMW e36 M3’s that were making 911 Porsches bow down to them. I remember my mother owning an e36 at the time and my brother and I would beg her to go see Rob Green to see if he can’t make her humble 323i faster. Thinking back to that, I now see the ridiculousness of those pleas. A young mother of three with a supercharged BMW in a time when traction control was not standard in those models could have been very interesting, most likely fatal. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that Rob Green Motorsport has been around long enough now for them to be regarding as among the “Daddies” of tuning in the country. Many years down the line,  the cars may have changed, but the philosophy has stayed the same. As mentioned in last week’s Modded Monday, car tuners back then had to basically break their back to achieve power increases in some cars. This was due to the lack of forced induction such as turbocharging and supercharging. Rob Green were known for their supercharging antics but now one doesn’t have to go through such drastic measures to get more power. Most performance cars, small and big already have such technologies in place so now it’s a matter of some bigger pipes here and turning up the boost there. I say this as if it’s as easy as baking a box cake, but obviously there is a science to it all that must be administered properly. If not, engines can go boom very quickly, and nobody wants that do they?


So what happens when the likes of Rob Green get a hold of a very fast car such as the extreme Mercedes  A45 AMG? I mean just standing still, this car looks a small man on steroids , heavily inked with tribal tatooes and is asking you if you have a problem boet? I wouldn’t mess with it, but Rob Green Motorsport don’t think like me. They have messed with it and they kicked its butt with a simple upgraded exhaust system and downpipe as well as a software tweak. These are the results; 317Kw as opposed to 265Kw standard and 561Nm of torque instead of 450Nm. This package is the Stage 2 guise, a Stage 1 package is also available with a slight difference in power of 17kw less than Stage 2.  Rich people beware, the A45 standard is a car that can make you regret saying “check this out” while driving with your friends. So if you feel the need to get even more power out of your A45, make sure you look at getting more driving skill too whilst you at it. There are many advance driving schools that we can recommend to help you in this regard. For more information on their products go to www.rgmotorsport.com. Happy Modded Monday Motorists.

*Images sourced from www.rgmotorsport.com