- Jun 2015

Modded Monday: Revo Technik

Modded Monday

Have you ever had a person wearing Ed Hardy clothing tell you that his car is now just as fast as the top of the range version of the one he drives? Well this has happened to me a number of times and as usual when this happens, my eyes roll so deep in their sockets all you can see is the white bits. This is because generally these claims are so ridiculous you can see right through the lies. To top it off the supposed modifications are generally from the persons uncle’s cousins performance store, not someone recognisable. The thing is there are tuning companies that have an excellent reputation for improving performance and fuel economy on specific cars. It is easier to do this with turbocharged or supercharged cars as all it takes is some good quality remapping of the software to increase boost pressure and fuel management.REVO_Technik_AUDI_S4_3_3100

There is a German company called Revo Technik which is very well know for this. ┬áRevo has a strong presence in South Africa, in fact if you have a careful look at many hot hatches that seem “worked”, there is a strong possibility that there will have a Revo sticker on them. Revo’s tuning capabilities extend beyond hot hatches though, they have produced some very interesting numbers from serious machines such as big Audi S models and even Porsches. Well known journalist Chris Harris tested this on his personal Audi S4 Avant equipped with Revo’s software, pitting it against its older brother the RS4. After the software was installed, the cars power increased from 245Kw to 309Kw, a major difference. The race results were very interesting. Have a look. Happy Modded Monday Motorists.