- Jun 2015

Modded Monday: Computers and Cars

I own a Dell machine and it does the job most of the time. In the the two years of owning it, I’ve only experienced one problem with it. One day as I’m about to watch an episode of Suits, I press the “on” button and wait for the machine to boot which usually takes a few seconds. “Let me make some coffee” I think to myself, nothing goes down better than some Harvey Spector lines and an espresso right? I get done and come back to my machine, but to my surprise the screen is black and it’s making an eery ticking noise. Now I’m not one to fiddle with things I don’t know so after I hit it a few times, I decided to call Dell South Africa. Little did I know that I was redirected to a call centre in India, where they proceeded to ask me what was wrong. I explained everything and they assured me that tomorrow at 11am somebody friendly would come to my house and fix it.

The next day somebody friendly rang the door bell just before 11am and proceeded to diagnose the problem. Apparently my software was buggered, so the man went into matrix mode and in less than twenty minutes, my computer was fixed. Good as new,better in fact since they uploaded quicker software on my machine. It’s amazing that in such a short space of time, a complicated piece of technology can go from bad to great because of a little computing. It’s even more amazing that you can go from a 225kw BMW 135i to around 260Kw of power in the same time. When they talk about a “plug and play” chip it sounds too simple but it really works like that. The thing is, like my computer and I, you need the right person to do the “plug” bit, thereafter you can play. Regarding BMW 335i’s and 135i’s a chip called JB4 has become very popular because it can give you the aforementioned power jump we discussed. A lot of the time this all sounds good to be true, but take a look at this video and see what the results are. As per usual, I must give my normal disclaimer regarding non OEM upgrades, when the big people find out, it generally ends in voided Motorplans. It’s still fun to watch videos of tuned cars versus stock though. In this case we have a BMW 335i with the JB4 software and an upgraded turbo, taking on a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Happy Modded Monday.

*Image from www.AR15.com