- Jun 2015

Modded Monday: BMW e30 M3 V10

If you’ve been a car lover from birth, there are definitely cars that you wanted to own from an early age. “Poster Cars” I like to call them. I’m sure you would sit in the bath with a toy version of your dream car wouldn’t you? Who needs a rubber ducky when you can play with your Countach? Most of us were that kid, vrooming around the house, making tyre screeching noises even when we were told not to. The sad reality about growing up is that very few of us get to own our dream cars, but some are more fortunate than others. Others are so fortunate, they can even merge their current dream car with the one they’ve always wanted. How you may ask? Let’s say for instance you dreamed about owning a BMW M3 E30 but you’re also in love with the BMW M5 V10. You then decided to take the body of the M3 and add the engine of the M5, therefore creating a light weight, tyre shredding, howling and potentially lethal car. Well that’s exactly what someone has done. The result? A marvellous 373Kw creation that has me wishing I had the budget to do the same. Since I don’t have the budget, all I can do is write about it and inform that there are others out there living our dreams. How does a car like this perform? Well why don’t you press play and see for yourself. Happy Modded Monday Motorists.