- Jun 2015

Modded Monday: Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Some of us aren’t particularly terrible singers, we feel that we can hold somewhat of a tune. This may be in the shower, amongst close friends, or if we’re confident enough at a function. South Africa recently hosted a live act called One Republic and if you had the pleasure of attending that concert, you would have heard what real singing sounds like. It often takes a professional to make you realise that your singing is mediocre and that your fans are generally from the same gene pool as you. After making that realisation you may not feel as inclined to sing again but don’t be dismayed, there are certain factors to consider. Many professional singers are trained to do what they do. There is a host of breathing exercises and other tricks that are taught by professionals to get the singer to sound the way they do. It is true that some possess raw natural talent, but a large number of stars today have employed someone to help them sound better.

The same goes with after-market exhaust pipes. You may have fitted a set on your car and thought “Hmm, I have a ferrari engine under my bonnet”. Your exhaust tips may even look like something that came straight out of PininFarina. As a result you feel the need to make the world listen to your modification by means of a rev or two when there are large crowds. All may seem well, until you are passed by a car fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust system. Thereafter you won’t be the same. See Akrapovic exhausts are the Adele’s and Whitney Houston’s of the exhaust world. For instance, the quality of the exhausts. Akrapovic exhausts are made from Titanium composites which is a very lightweight and strong material. Secondly, the design of Akrapovic exhausts is such that many hours of have been put into making the exhausts in a certain way to improve power and sound. Lastly, the sound of Akrapovic exhausts. Like that voice coach, Akrapovic exhausts are sound engineered to create a distinct sound, not too loud, but just enough to make you giggle little a small child.

The thing is, if you wanted your voice to be better, you could employ a voice coach, but that costs a lot of money. The same goes for Akrapovic exhausts, you’re not going to get that Adele sound for cheap. I guess it’s relative to your budget and the car you drive, if your car is not meant to be a thoroughbred performance machine, perhaps shower singing is for you. If your car is a special item that is a thoroughbred performance machine and it cost you a pretty penny, then Akrapovic may be for you.

*Image taken from european auto source.