- Nov 2014

When Mercedes Benz meets tree


Saturday morning walks are my thing. I like that stuff, but this Saturday was different to most. For instance, where I like to walk there are beautiful trees and things, you know, nature stuff. The last thing I thought I would bump into is a slightly injured and abandoned brand new Mercedes C Class. Slightly injured being an under-exaggeration, this car was wrecked. The amazing thing is that it was just left there, forgotten like a lost cell phone or a wallet. So automatically my mind went into CSI mode, I started to investigate. I noticed a tree simply chilling on the floor. There were some tyre marks around the bend leading up to the tree and I put one and two together. Either the driver had a fat party on the previous night, decided to show his mates what he learned from the Chris Harris drifting lesson and then a tree jumped into the road. Or perhaps the car was stolen, the thief then also tried to see if he can attempt to apply what he learned from drifting lesson and again the damn tree got in the way.

Whatever happened, the people survived. The reason why I say that is because the cabin seemed very intact and as you can see the windscreen is not even shattered. Which means that Mercedes Benz is surely the ideal car to go for when you either too boozed and don’t listen to the arrive alive campaigns. Or you’re a criminal aspiring to be a professional drift champion. Either way the car is pretty solid as you can see, the thing that will bruised most is your ego. Ouchies!