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McLaren 570S Spider Released

McLaren 570S Spider Launched

McLaren 570S Spider

The McLaren 570s was a car that set our hair on fire when we tested it late in 2016. It looked fantastic, it was shockingly fast, and driving inside the cabin really did give off that race car element. Frankly, we were very sad to see it go.

Stumbling on into the middle of  2017 and McLaren have released the convertible version of this beautiful monster, Dubbed the McLaren 570S Spider. Not much has changed regarding chassis and drivetrain, it still features 3.8-litre twin turbocharged V8, putting out lots and lots of kW’S – 420 of them to be exact. The McLaren 570S Spider also retains a carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis which brings a multitude of benefits such as a reduction in weight and strength. 

The biggest changes then, as you have probably guessed is the folding roof. This roof entirely disappears into the rear of the McLaren and can be operated at up to 40km/h and will fully open or close within 15 seconds. With the roof up, the 570s spider has around 50-litres of luggage space in the rear and 150-litres up front.

McLaren 570S Spider


The only other difference is that McLaran has included an extended rear spoiler to aid with aerodynamics.This helps to keep the 570s spider on the same performance levels as the Coupe variant. Talking of performance, the numbers all seem to be identical to the Coupe, the only change being the spider will take an extra 0.1 seconds to 200km/h. Thus which is probably because it is 58kg heavier. Top speed with the roof in place is 328km/h, this drops to 315km/h with the roof down.

McLaren 570S Spider

As I’m sure you are aware, there is a host of benefits to owning a convertible supercar. From windswept hair as you, your wife and your V8 thunder through the South African countryside to making your face more visible as you drive meticulously slowly down Camps Bay Drive. Either way, the McLaren 570S Spider remains a beautiful car.

I could not help but spec my own McLaren 570s Spider on the online configurator. Have a go at speccing yours here:                 Spec Your 570S Spider

McLaren 570S Spider

McLaren 570S Spider Pricing in South Africa

We have no news yet on pricing for the South African market, but we expect it to be around R3.5m – R4m.