- Nov 2014

Ken Block Gymkhana Seven

Ken Block spanks a Mustang in Gymkhana Seven

If the words Ken Block mean nothing to you, you’re not a car enthusiast. Really, get up and and go feel sorry for yourself in a corner, now! Remember when you were a kid and you would play with toy cars and spin them around “obstacle courses” made up of cereal boxes and hairbrushes? Ken Block remembers, because he replicates what we would see in our minds eye as kids with wild imaginations. The only difference is that Ken Block does it in real life, with an 800+hp 1965 Ford Mustang. An all wheel drive Mustang at that, one built especially for Kens shenanigans. You know your whip is packing heat when it can spin all four wheels in a standstill.

Is Ken Block human though? How is he able to perform stunts that only Vin Diesel can do in the Fast & Furious movies? No man! It actually annoys me that someone can be that good. Now imagine how old Tiff Needell and Chris Harris must feel? They are brilliant drivers but even then Ken makes them look like bunnies, not even rabbits, bunnies! There actually is a clip on the net with Chris Harris in Ken’s Mustang in the passenger seat and he is wetting himself at the sheer power that this thing has. And then he goes and spanks it around Hollywood like a naughty three year old? My word, I’m in awe. Ladies and gentlemen let me bid you farewell and leave you with this masterpiece by Ken Block, called Gymkhana seven.