Press - July 2017

Jaguar’s XJ Range updated and includes a 300 km/h performance model.

Jaguar updates its XJ Range in South Africa

The Jaguar XJ has been with us for quite some time now, but not many would notice this due to fact that it was mostly overshadowed by brand conscious consumers seeking the gratification of the Germans and their brands. This by no means meant it was terrible rubbish, in fact quite the opposite, as it took a quintessential British “Jaaag” like approach to the typical Luxury salon. The XJ was a far more than just an interesting prospect for the clean cut suit types that could afford the house-like pricing that it occupies.

After some time on the market, Jaguar has brought about the updated version with changes both to the dynamic elements, technological and safety updates.

Jaguar XJR575


The MY2018 model that will arrive later this year will feature changes to the infotainment system with a 10” touchscreen with high definition graphics and user interface, that when specced with the Touch Pro system offers door-to-door navigation, IOS and Android connectivity and 4G Wi-Fi connectivity.  The TFT instrument cluster now offers full-screen navigation and a customizable setup. Externally, the changes include full LED lighting and unique ‘double J-Blade signature’ day time running lights. The optional Black Pack offers enhanced exterior styling cues including blacked out grill and trim pieces. In the interest of luxury and offering the right product for varying consumers, the XJ is available in both Short and long wheel bases.

Jaguar XJR575

The overall safety in both passive and active assistance systems has also undergone some changes, with the addition of Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist, Reverse Traffic Detection, Blind Spot Monitoring, 360-degree Camera Systems and semi-automated parking being added to the options. The All-surface Progress Control traction system has to be revised in the interest of keeping in times with technological advances, with the control of traction and throttle in slippery surfaces now becoming automated, requiring only directional inputs from the driver. Further assistance includes Forward Traffic Detection, Lane Keep Assist, and Driver Condition Monitoring, which is able to identify lapses in steering activity followed by sudden or excessive inputs from the driver.

Jaguar XJR575

XJR 575

The flagship performance model will be replaced with the more powerful XJR 575. The 5.0-litre supercharged V8’s power output having been enhanced to 423 kW and 700 N.m. These figures are enough to blast the XJ to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds and all the way to 300 km/h.  Available in just two bespoke SVO or Special Vehicle Operations colours, the XJR will be identifiable by the either blue or grey paint. Performance orientated enhancements include the rear spoiler, black front air intakes and side-skirts. The XJR 575 badging and twin bonnet louvres also help to remove from the image of the standard model and hint as to the vehicle’s sporting prowess. Standard fare are the 20” Farallon gloss-black wheels and red brake callipers with the interior receiving diamond quilted leather buckets, embossed with the 575 logos finished in the choice of either black or white.

Jaguar XJR575

Luxury, Premium Luxury, Portfolio, R-Sport, XJR 575 and Autobiography models will be powered by the same range of petrol supercharged V6 and V8 and engines with varying outputs and displacements. The 3.0-litre V6 will offer 250 kW, with the V8 offering either 375 kW or 423 kW in the XJR. Fans of the oil burner will have the option of a 3.0-litre V6 diesel, with 221 kW 700 N.m.


The XJ faces off with the highest standard in premium luxury sedans with the likes of the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8 providing stiff competition. The other less mainstream alternative is the Lexus LS460

Jaguar XJR575

Jaguar XJ Pricing in South Africa 

Prices start at R1.13 million and climb all the way to above the R2 million mark for LWB top spec models.

  • XJ Luxury – R1,132,300
  • XJ Premium Luxury – R1,627,500
  • XJ Portfolio – R1,925,400
  • XJ R-Sport – R1,854,500
  • XJR575 – R2,524,500
  • XJ Autobiography – R2,713,100