- Sep 2015

Isn’t she pretty? The new Discovery Sport Dynamic

New Discovery Sport Dynamic revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show

The Land Rover Discovery Sport already looks twice as nice as it’s predecessor, the Freelander. One can see design cues from the Discovery, the Range Rover Sport and Evoque. The prestigious Frankfurt Motor show gave the people at Land Rover the perfect platform to showcase a new addition to the Discovery Sport family, this new model is called the “Dynamic” version.

What makes it Dynamic?

Most of the changes on the car are aesthetic, giving the car a more aggressive appeal. This has been done by adding stylish black bits to the mirrors, bumpers and wheel arches too. The front bottom grill even looks angrier, with is gaping wide mouth that looks like its telling people in front of it to get out of the way. A new set of 19 inch wheels have been added to, giving the car a more menacing stance. The point of the car is to give customers the choice of something sportier in terms of look. Think of it as Land Rover’s version of a Sports Package.

Anything else?

Yes. From next year the Discovery Sport will offer a feature called “All Terrain Progress Control”, which basically allows you to set and maintain a speed of 2 km/h to 30 km/h when travelling off-road. Why is this useful? Through smart technology, it helps control the car in conditions that are not-so-controllable, like on a gravel road. Thankfully the most amount of gravel that many Discovery Sports see in Johannesburg, is when there’s a bit of construction happening in Sandton. (We joke but it’s true). Anyway, we sure we’re going to see a few of these Dynamic versions of the Discovery Sport on the road soon in SA, as it is quite the looker. Good job Land Rover, good job.

Discovery_Sport_EXT_LOC03 Discovery_Sport_INT_05 Discovery_Sport_INT_06