Press - Apr 2020

Is the new VW GOLF GTI TCR too Expensive?

VW Golf GTI TCR Price in South Africa

VW recently released the official pricing, spec and availability for the new Golf GTI TCR – you can read that here.

With a price of R669,000. some are saying that this vehicle is too expensive. While 669k might be expensive for a standard Golf GTI, it’s worth remembering that there’s nothing typically normal about the TCR.

Front of the VW Golf GTI TCR

For starters, the Golf GTI TCR will be available in limited numbers, less than 300 to be exact. This alone brings uniqueness and prestige to a vehicle that demands a higher price tag. On top of this, its the last “7” GTI variant to be released, which has a certain sentimental appeal.

This is similar to when the Clubsport S arrived in South Africa and for a short while, values shot up. For all we know, the TCR could start demanding prices north of 800k on car listing websites such as or This is market-driven value and if people are willing to pay for the last, limited-edition Golf 7 GTI, the prices will reflect that.

GTI TCR Performance

Another factor to include here is the GTI TCR isn’t just a superficial Golf 7 GTI. Power output is rated at 213kW and 380Nm. This is much higher than the Golf 7.5 GTI, Clubsport and on par with the Clubsport S. Before the release of the 228kW Golf R, this power output would have been on par with that model as well. With launch control, a 5.6 second 0-100 km/h time is very impressive from a FWD Hatch. The TCR has also undergone chassis and suspension tuning to increase handling performance as well. Effectively, if you’re giving more performance, you can ask for more money.

VW Golf GTI TCR Wheel

It’s also worth considering the standard spec list that comes on the GTI TCR. Dynamic Chassis Control, driving profile selection, Active Info Display, Climatronic air-con and Parallel Park Assist are all included in the price tag.

Premium Alcantara sports seats, as well as other Alcantara interior bits and bobs such as the door inserts, are also included, this is something that can’t be specced on a standard GTI!

Golf GTI TCR vs Hyundai I30 N

Now let’s talk about the competition. One vehicle stands out in particular, that’s the Hyundai i30 N that recently arrived in South Africa. The i30n has or should I say had, a unique offering here. That being a sporty front-wheel-drive 5-door hatch, producing 202kW & 353 Nm. The Golf GTI TCR not only beats the i30n on power output, but also pricing. The Hyundai i30 N starts at R679 900, R10k more than the TCR. With the GTI backed by a cult following in South Africa, have VW just null and voided any possible desire in consumers to buy a Hyundai i30 N? Maybe. The only thing the i30n has going for it is the 5-year warranty and 7-year roadside assistance.

Hyundai i30n South Africa

So there you have that, that’s why we think the VW Golf GTI TCR is not too expensive in South Africa. Considering the GTI Clubsport’s were selling for north of R600k ( spec depending) when launched in SA. We feel the more exclusive, more powerful and finely tuned TCR justifies it’s price tag. However, sometimes when you fiddle too much, you break it. Will the TCR live up to the Clubsport’s fantastic driving experience? time will tell.