- May 2016

Playing with Ford’s GT configurator.

How will have yours? : The new Ford GT.

The Ford GT is a car that has been a cult legend for decades now. By now, if you’re a petrol head you will know that the new iteration of the iconic super car is amongst us. And there is an interesting way you can (or can’t) obtain yours.

You can now spec your very own Fort GT to your exact requirements for delivery to your door.  Well for some people that it is true, but the thing with the Ford GT is that you don’t pick it, it picks you.  Yes, if you have the means and interest to acquire a Ford GT, you will first need to fill out an online application form with seventy fields for you to populate to see if your Ford finds you worthy.

Ford have not yet released pricing on the new GT, but the fact that it has a carbon fibre body and a V6 engine producing over 600bhp,  this tells you that it’s going to be rather pricey.

We can all dream, and to make our dreams a little more real, Ford has released an online configurator. A word of caution, you’ll probably end up drooling once you’re done because it looks that good. Spec yours here: www.fordgt.com/en-gb/performance/gt/

The images below are my personal configuration, I’ve got a thing for black on black at the moment.