- May 2015

Eish Tolls

For years the fight against E-tolls has been on the minds of motorists in South Africa. If you want to see nationalities of all kinds toyi toyi, mention E-Tolls. Each time I listen to the news regarding it, deep down I’m wishing “please let it be stopped, please let it be stopped.” Our wishes have not been granted though, (cued dramatic music). The fight has been lost, if you don’t believe me, #askmusi. At this point, we can all throw our toys, kick things and punch stuff, but whatever we do, the milk is still spilled. So how can we make ourselves feel better? For starters we can look at those that have it worse off than us, for instance, the English. I should say the Londoners rather because they have what is called the “London congestion charge.” How it works is that you pay around eleven Pounds a day to use the car in the city, if you ask me that’s enough to make me walk. The upside about London is that you don’t have to use your car, you can use public transportation, which is where the money for the charge goes to.

So if you, like me don’t want to pay, we need to brainstorm possible solutions. I guess I could use public transport too, perhaps the Metro rail. I really don’t want to get mugged by those kids who skate on the train tracks though. Remember? 3rd Degree had a whole segment on it, it made me never want to use the Metro rail. In all fairness the closest I have ever come to using the Metro rail is that one night I watched 3rd Degree and they had that segment, so I can’t really base my opinion on that. Perhaps I can buy a bicycle, I’ve always thought I can pull off those shorts, although I do sweat a lot so that may be an issue. Taxis are another option, but being part Mozambiquan I may be lynched depending on the connecting areas that it travels. This is going to be harder than I thought. Oh hold on, the Gautrain, aha! That is the solution to my problems, unless I need to go out at night, then I’m screwed. I guess, this is a major economy that is growing and all the first world countries are doing it so maybe R225 per month isn’t too bad. I may have to scale back on the Parkhurst dinners but I’d rather be steakless than be lynched or mugged or be too late for the Gautrain. Apparently I get sixty percent off if I pay my bills in the next six months, whoopee. Eish Tolls