- Sep 2015

Don’t disrespect a female officer…Don’t.

Women Wednesday: Female JMPD officer teachers motorist a thing or two about respect

If you get stopped by a police officer and your windscreen is cracked and your license disc is expired, you’re not going to have a good time. Even if the police officer stops you for something you claim you didn’t do, chances are they will get you on the things that are wrong with your car. The worst mistake would be to antagonise the police officer by arrogantly saying that you pay their salaries. Well, that exactly what Mr Clive Naidoo did. Maybe he thought that he could say things like that because it was a female cop, maybe he thought by filming the fining and posting it on social media, he would get South Africa to side with him. Boy was he wrong though, not only did his plan backfire on him, he was also made a national fool in the process.

The morrow of the story is, don’t think you can be cocky because you’re dealing with a female. Watch the video below of how this female police officer teachers Clive Naidoo a lesson on respect. Happy Women Wednesday Motorists. #Bloubosrand