- Sep 2015

Drive in comfort: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars 2.

Road-tripping shouldn’t affect your feet if you have the right shoes.

If you asked many people what are their favourite driving shoes, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars will definitely make the top 5 list. In our opinion, a good driving shoe needs to provide comfort but should not create a feeling of detachment between the driver and the foot pedals of the car. This is especially the case in a car fitted with a manual transmission. The driver needs to feel involved in the process, having full control of the vehicle. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars iconic shape has not changed but the way the shoe is made has been updated to give you a more comfortable shoe to wear, walk, party and drive in.

The Chuck Taylor 2’s are fitted with a Lunarlon Sockliner which gives added cushioning and support so your feet can go on for longer. The shoe is also fitted with a padded Non-Slip tongue which is great because there is nothing more annoying than the tongue of a high top moving around all the time. The inside lining of the shoe as well as the canvas has also been strengthened to be more durable so that your Chuck’s can last you longer. You know you have a winning shoe if you don’t have to change the design radically in decades. So next time you’re about to go road tripping, get your self a set of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars 2’s for a comfortable ride.