- Jun 2015

Chris Evans announced as Top Gear’s new host

Chris Evans has been announced as the new host of Top Gear

Ever since Jeremy Clarkson decided to punch a man and our favourite motoring show’s bosses decided to fire him, we were all left to wonder what would happen next. Well we now have an idea of what “next” is since the BBC have announced that Chris Evans will be the new host of Top Gear. Chris Evans is a well known English T.V and radio personality, as well as a close friend of Jeremy Clarkson (awkward). As an avid watcher of Top Gear, I really don’t know what to expect. I watched Top Gear before Jeremy and his boys had their tenure, back in the days where Tiff Needell’s hair wasn’t so grey and Vicki…well Vicky is still quite a looker, so not much has changed there. The point I’m making is the same point that James May has been making. The show was there before them and it will continue after them. All we know is that Chris Evans definitely has some big shoes to fill, which I’m sure he knows just as much, so we can probably rest assured that there will be changes in style and delivery so that he won’t be labelled as a “copy cat”. At least that is what I’m hoping Chris Evans will do. I’m personally glad the reigns were handed to a man who loves his vehicles just as much if not more than “the three”. The best way to look at this situation is that if Chris Evans can pull it off, we as viewers will have two amazing programs to watch because I’m sure wherever Jeremy, Richard and James will end up, it will be awesome to watch.